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Alternate Bullet Propellants [closed]

For my world, I want there to be many types of ammunition due to the world being an apocalyptic-anarchy kinda thing. Mostly land combat, little to no spacecrafts or vehicles. Anyone know any good ones?...
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What properties should my fictional HEAT rounds have to punch through heavy armor and ERA?

I have some forcefield shielding in my setting whereby particles act essentially as solid mass armor for all intents and purposes. Warheads grind themselves down against armor just like modern ...
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2 answers

Using spherical stones for cannon practice

My story is set in a fantasy Age of Sail. For the most part, anything magically made/ enchanted is quite expensive compared to the non-magical version. This all to ask, in a sailing ship of forty guns,...
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6 answers

Defending against dinosaurs with an automatic shotgun that fires miniaturized anti-tank munitions

Like any reasonable billionaire, I want to breed dinosaurs on my private island - big ones. Like, T-Rex big. Of course, one needs a well-armed security force to guard such an endeavor, lest the ...
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How could pears be used as ammunition?

In a dramedy science-fantasy children's (for 8 to 15 years old) videogame I want to create, Salade de Fruits (which naturally means Fruit Salad) (my first language is French), there is a villainous ...
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With contemporary technology, is it possible to produce a propellant for bullets that is stored as a liquid but that solidifies upon exposure to air?

I found this question on Worldbuilding Stack Exchange. A part of it interested me; specifically, the part about how, in Jay Dee's setting: Guns are more efficient by use of liquid ammunition that ...
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1 answer

Using dead bodies for material 4: ammunition

The world is suffering from the creatures of fantasy and nightmares which can appear with just a few minutes of warning anywhere, regardless of it being the middle of the street or on top of your bed ...
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5 answers

Overcoming the issues of caseless ammunition

I am currently making a science fiction universe set in a very distant future. Someone suggested that the weapons should use caseless ammunition. However, I cannot find a reason to why you should ...
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What kind of effect would a tank shell that create plasma on impact have on armour? [closed]

What kind of effect would a tank shell that create plasma on impact have on armour? These projectiles are made up of 3 main parts, a gas canister holding the gas, a capacitor that is used to heat the ...