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For questions regarding anything happening at a specific altitude. It is generally about the impact of high altitude.

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How deep would a canyon on this planet have to be to have an earth-like atmosphere?

I have, for a while now, been intrigued by the planet Canyon in Larry Niven’s Known Space universe: Canyon was once an uninhabitable Mars-like world known as Warhead. It is the second of seven ...
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What would be the climatic and solar conditions of a canyon 1 kilometer below sea level in the West Siberian Plain?

Imagine a 3km wide, 99km long canyon which is 1km below sea level, just next to the city of Surgut but not passing through. This canyon has been dug as part of some superproject which seeks to create ...
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Breathing Capability Up Really High [closed]

So my setting is a bunch of islands in the sky above an ocean, and I've toyed with the idea of having a barrier around them so I don't have to Science This Out, but having just discovered this magical ...
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Out of what type of cargo plane and at what altitude would the MC jump? [closed]

The main character needs to get from England to Norway, fast, and without anyone (Beyond a smuggler) finding out. He’ll be jumping out of a cargo plane that is flying from England to Norway in the ...
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How Could my People Avoid Altitude Sickness While Riding Giant Birds?

In my book series, some of the people of the planet Aurea use giant vultures called Argentavis for transport and aerial combat. These domesticated, selectively bred birds are far larger than their ...
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Conditions for intelligent and diverse life at high altitudes

I'm making a planet which hosts three distinct layers of floating islands, each higher than the last one. The islands should be reasonably thick, ranging from a couple hundred metres to three or four ...
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How to avoid altitude sickness in medieval age?

There is an enchanted thingy at the top of a mountain, and there is only one hero who can wield said thingy in order to save the world. The mountain is 5,000 meters in height and the atmospheric ...
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Is it Possible to Have Snow-Capped Mountains Directly on a Tropical Beach? [duplicate]

In my world, there is an archipelago that is home to the Coorabar Alps, the highest mountain range in the entire known galaxy (quite a few peaks here surpass 30,000 feet, and they form a plateau on ...
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High-Altitude Asteroid Impact

66 million years ago, the dinosaur empire was in its death throes when its final nail in the coffin came hurtling down from the sky. A clump of rock the size of Mount Everest smashed into the Gulf of ...
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At great altitude, what conditions are needed to support a human community?

In my part of this (Earth-like) world, there is a stable community of completely isolated pre-industrial humans, numbering perhaps 1,800. They live at an altitude of (at least) 25,000 feet (7620 ...
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What changes would the body have to make in order for it to survive at high altitude?

One of the tribes in my world exists among the mountains of which the tallest is almost 16,000m. A major city for the tribe exists on the mountain at around 8000m. Therefore, what internal - or ...
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What would humans look like if they lived 50-100,000 years 6 to 9 km above sea level?

What would humans look like if they lived 50-100,000 years 20,000-30,000 feet / 6 to 9 km above sea level? Or 500,000 years? Would we have bigger lungs / chests? Bigger wider noses? Thicker skin and ...
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Lowland Deciduous Trees Against Highland Conifers

In this alternate scenario, there is a clear ecological distinction between broad-leaved deciduous trees and coniferous trees based solely on altitude. The broad-leaves and other angiosperms are the ...
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How to Survive Mountain Environments With a Tribal Culture?

Assume we have an Earth-like environment. If a tribe with only early medieval technology were to settle in a mountain environment: What resources would be needed to deal with the elevation, cold, ...
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