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For questions relating to radically changed Earth. This alternate Earth could be a post-apocalyptic Earth, or Earth with major changes in the current social/political/economical schemes.

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Antarctic ice sheet melted and dumped into Atlantic ocean [closed]

As part of an apocalypse in my backstory, the entire Antarctic ice sheet is torn from the bedrock and pulled through a portal, melting it and dumping all of the water into the centre of the Atlantic ...
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Is there any way to tidally lock Earth to the Sun in its current state?

I've been toying around with the idea of a tidally locked Earth. Spent the better majority of today figuring out weather patterns, habitable zones, etc, but I missed one big detail: How the hell did ...
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A humongous earth? [closed]

I'm a roleplayer in a game called NationStates, which features hundreds of thousands of nations living in different parts of a virtual world, assuming they all occupy the land area of the average ...
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Full Recipe For an Alternate Composite Bow

Previously, I had asked if rhino horn could replace antelope horn in an ancient culture's composite bow (since antelopes--true or pronghorn--don't exist on my alternate Earth.) The answers are still ...
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Can a culture/society develop without religion? [duplicate]

I'm creating an alternative earth and wondering if it's possible that a culture could not develop a religion? It seems most cultures I know all stem off some religious belief but what if the culture ...
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Figuring out how enemy computers work from their game consoles?

Is it possible for a resourceful country to understand how enemy computers work, assuming they have easy access only to enemies game consoles? The situations is as following: CPU/GPU with unknown ...
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How quickly would a genetic trait originally found in only 1 village spread across Earth?

The main trait of my story originates from a village in what's now the Belgian city of Tongeren, around 1000 BC in our timeline. Anyone born there after that trait arrived will have the trait, as will ...
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What would be the minimum percentage of water for a livable earth?

I am writing a small piece of fiction for a game. I wanted to describe it as much as possible. The setting is Earth, more than a milenia after an event of cataclysmic proportions that made the planet ...
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