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For questions about computer programs or other logical processes designed to conduct computations or solve problems. Algorithm questions may be about (1) algorithms in the world itself; consider tagging "artificial-intelligence," or "computers." Alternatively, these questions may pertain to (2) algorithms used as worldbuilding tools; consider tagging "software-recommendations," "worldbuilding-process," or "worldbuilding-resources."

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Algorithm for creating realistic flying (voxel) islands [closed]

I am currently working on a part of a game that has voxel-based terrain, a bit like Minecraft. There are different kinds of „blocks“ like stone, dirt, sand, etc. But the story/setting requires that I ...
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2 answers

Are there any algorithms that will build fictitious languages?

I understand how complicated constructed languages can be. I do not want that though. The language would need no grammar or syntax. But I would like to create places/people names and maybe the odd ...
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Algorithm or tool to design a worldwide subway transit map?

As the question says, an impossible (not earth) futuristic world has a subway system spanning across the entire planet and I would like to design its transit map. The obvious problem with doing this ...
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Tool for "mapifying" simple closed curves?

Is there a tool which takes a simple image with closed curves (like 2 circles), and then "mapifyes" the image by making those circles into coastlines? I know it's a bit vague, but what I mean is ...
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Size of the universe, zipped

Compressed archives in computer science are, from some perspective, decreasing the data size by minimizing repetition of data. Take each particle (to any precision you prefer) in the whole universe, ...
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How do I simulate the path of a river?

In Creating a realistic world map - Waterways, I asked about exactly what processes affect how rivers flow and meander. With some of that knowledge in mind, I'm curious as to how a worldbuilder (like ...
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