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Questions tagged [alcoholic-beverages]

For questions asking about the nature, use, consumption, development, cultural impact, and production of alcoholic beverages in a world building context.

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How to eat raw chicken without getting salmonellosis? [closed]

I imagined a French professional chef named Simon Charles. His favourite meat: chicken. One day, he invents a new revolutionary recipe: chicken tartare. So, I wonder how to eat raw chicken without ...
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What would an "excessively sober" dwarf look like if they need alcohol to function?

Some dwarf lore, particularly the video game Dwarf Fortress, depicts dwarves not just as aggressively alcoholic, but as a species that functions better when drunk than when sober. That they need ...
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Could a vampire get drunk? [closed]

I'm not entirely sure how alcohol makes one inebriated, does anyone know how it works please? And as these vampires don't have blood flow, would it still be possible for the alcohol to still make them ...
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Would the loss of intoxication cause a mass withdrawal event?

This is a follow up from my earlier question, in which a virus has wiped out humanity's ability to get intoxicated or high. During the peak of the pandemic, as more and more people lost their ability ...
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Will people keep drinking alcoholic drinks even if they don't get intoxicated anymore?

Because a handwave-science-based virus has created a pandemic, humanity in my story has lost the ability to get intoxicated and high. This, however, only affects external causes or intoxication based ...
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How fast would 2ft tall people process alcohol?

I have a world both of normal humans and a fantasy race that are basically 2ft tall, with large heads and torsos and stubby legs if that's important. They typically weigh about the same as a housecat. ...
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Could flammable alcohol be used as a weapon in combat?

I'm developing a character who becomes stronger the more alcohol is in his body but couldn't think of an appropriate weapon. Then I had the idea that he could use alcohol in some sort of flame based ...
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Did young people REALLY drink alcohol in the 1800s? [closed]

In my studying of the setting for my story, a fantasy world analogous to 1800 - 1850, I've found a number of interesting things - one of these is that people in the past did a lot of really odd things....
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Fungus-based alcohols, how do I booze?

So obviously anything with sugars will ferment if left out, and since mushrooms metabolize stuff, I'm assuming they create and store sugars, even if at very low concentrations. What are the ...
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What alcoholic drinks would my people make?

In 280 BC a Gaulish tribe became stranded in a forest with no access to grains/potatoes/cultivated grapes. (Magic handwavy - no access to anybody else or land that isn't a forest). They have fresh ...
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What could possibly replace beer?

What is the malted liquor, what makes you drunker quicker what comes in bottles or in cans? BEER! In addition to being delicious, beer is ubiquitous. There is evidence of beer production almost as ...
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How can I explain a sudden abundance of naturally-occurring beer?

Researchers are scratching their heads, and Portland Water Bureau is furious. In Portland, Oregon, a reservoir in one of the City parks has begun spilling out a river of naturally occurring beer/ale. ...
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