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What reason would a military have for large aircraft reasonably co-existance with big rocket powered "flying barges"? [closed]

Premise Having spent a lot of time with Ace-Combat and Highfleet I got to thinking up a table top world a-la Imperial Skies which is set in an alternative 20th century. The setting being developed ...
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When would a cannon be a quick weather device if you put a sock in it?

I’ve had an aerial combat scene written for a while but I’m not sure how to describe the environment that would make it work. In in the heat of pursuit, my very salty Captain is frustrated at his ...
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Aerial Combat in a High-Pressure Atmosphere

The world I've been working on has a higher gravity (1.4g) and a denser, more oxygen-rich atmosphere (33% O2, 4 bar). While this has a plethora of effects, this question primarily discusses the ...
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Can we build a radio-controlled flying drone using only pre 2000s military tech?

I have a constantly moving floating island that is looking to augment its air force against numerous threats in the sky. Having long run out of resources that don't grow out of crystals or biomaterial ...
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Would it be possible to build and arm an aircraft like an F14 or F15 without access to semiconductors while retaining similar capabilities?

"Exotic" particle radiation showers my world rendering advanced semiconductors ineffective in carrying out their intended roles in computing. For the purposes of this question the effect is ...
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Excuse for plasma, projectile, laser, and particle-beam weaponry to coexist?

My (science-based but certainly not hard sci-fi) world is basically a large island run by a couple of mad billionares. They have each built an army of aircraft armed with cliche "futuristic" ...
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Is it possible for a plane to be fast yet strong enough to be able to pierce a plane in the air?

Is it possible for a plane to be able to pierce a plane in the air? These planes is ejected from another plane which acts as a fuel hub for the other planes. These little planes are small, yet has an ...
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Would a Single Propeller Back Configuration make more sense for an Anti-Gravity Airplane then a tractor configuration?

I have a setting that is pretty similar to Earth. The tech is at least around WW2 with some steampunk fantasy sprinkled here and there. A global war is about to break out. My civilizations need an ...
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Could Short-Range Fighters Realistically Return?

I am shooting for a futuristic image of fighter warfare (similar to the depiction in Star Wars). As jets and long-ranged targeting have developed, aerial “turn-fighting” and short-range dogfights ...
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What modifications do I need to put on my aircraft to fight against drones?

I'm messing with a fictional scenario I created, "What do I do to my ww1-ww2 aircraft to use them to defend against a drone fleet? The "drones" for convenience, think MQ 1 Predator. The ...
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Cryogenic Hydrogen Powered Fighter Jets Design [closed]

A possible future power source for passenger airline aircraft is liquid hydrogen, and assuming we solve the safety and infrastructure issues, it's doable and much less sci-fi, as for example, a Martin ...
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What armament would be best for a 21st century airship?

So I am writing a story with 21st century airships. They replace all heavier than air flight and there are extensive “sky navies”. The airships are able to carry 150,000 pounds of whatever you want ...
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