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Related to combat in the air using airplanes or other armed aerial vehicle.

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Would a Single Propeller Back Configuration make more sense for an Anti-Gravity Airplane then a tractor configuration?

I have a setting that is pretty similar to Earth. The tech is at least around WW2 with some steampunk fantasy sprinkled here and there. A global war is about to break out. My civilizations need an ...
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Could Short-Range Fighters Realistically Return?

I am shooting for a futuristic image of fighter warfare (similar to the depiction in Star Wars). As jets and long-ranged targeting have developed, aerial “turn-fighting” and short-range dogfights ...
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What modifications do I need to put on my aircraft to fight against drones?

I'm messing with a fictional scenario I created, "What do I do to my ww1-ww2 aircraft to use them to defend against a drone fleet? The "drones" for convenience, think MQ 1 Predator. The ...
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Cryogenic Hydrogen Powered Fighter Jets Design [closed]

A possible future power source for passenger airline aircraft is liquid hydrogen, and assuming we solve the safety and infrastructure issues, it's doable and much less sci-fi, as for example, a Martin ...
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What armament would be best for a 21st century airship?

So I am writing a story with 21st century airships. They replace all heavier than air flight and there are extensive “sky navies”. The airships are able to carry 150,000 pounds of whatever you want ...
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