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What geographic features could cause a stable pocket of unmoving air?

As title. What geographic features could cause a stable pocket of unmoving air? I'm envisioning some kind of shrine, sacred place, or untouched grotto, which due to terrain features or certain aspects ...
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For a planet with a given equilibrium temperature, what is the maximum pressure possible?

I've been working on trying to calculate atmospheres for a given equilibrium temperature $T_{eq}$ planetary mass $M_{planet}$ and radius $r_{planet}$, how would you calculate the maximum possible ...
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How to make air more electrically conductive without making it unbreathable?

I need people to get zapped more often in my world. Zapping others with electricity must be a more viable option than it is in our world. Shooting cables at people to zap them? Nah....I prefer the ...
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How would Air adhesives work? [closed]

Exactly the question. How would glue or tape be able to stick to gas substances and remain "hanging" there mid-air.
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How much power/pressure would be required for air weapons to be as deadly as fire weapons?

Ironically, it would be thought that with modern technology, the "next step" for fire weapons would mean to produce direct energy weapons such as Rail Guns, Lasers or Microwaves, however, ...
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Can compressed air be used as a weapon?

Obviously guns or similar weapons can use air to propel projectiles, but I'm thinking more about close combat, or even a medieval setting, or generally less technologically advanced setting. If ...
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What kind of air currents would be made in and around reverse-gravity bubble fields?

Bubbling up some ideas Last night, one thought plopped one after another in my mind, and one of them was about adding local space anomalies which reverse the force applied through gravity. They're ...
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Is my story's treatment of tuberculosis realistic?

A side character, a sister of my main character, has been stricken with an unidentifiable disease in an early 19th century circa 1800 - 1850 setting. She's had the disease for a few years. Country ...
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How would huge chunks of floating land soaring the skies really fast affect my world?

My world is composed of a surface and three distinct layers of floating islands sorted by altitude, lets call them Lower, Mid and Upper for convenience. Lower and Upper are composed by medium sized ...
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Densest breathable atmosphere composition for a human being without breathing equipment

Setting on Earth, sometime in the near future (50/100 years). A large sealed pressurized environment is set up in an even larger industrial complex. Workers get in and out of the environment for their ...
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Explaining Electricity Manipulation as an extension of Air Magic

I'm currently designing a magic system themed around the four elements of nature (yeah, I know, so original) and I wanna take the Avatar: TLA/Korra approach where, in addition to the four elements ...
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3 answers

Non-falling world

My goal is make a world where you cannot fall. So in my world (or at least city) you slow down as you fall so you wouldn’t be going fast enough to get hurt when you land. Im thinking the air is like ...
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Atmospheric properties of a heavier Earth-like planet

I am trying to figure out ways to determine the density and composition of an Earth-like planet. For the sake of the "experiment", let's assume that the planet is identical to Earth in every ...
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Improved lungs?

What needs to be improved or added to the structure (device) of human lungs to be able to filter toxic chemical compounds in the air (for example, in mines the air may contain nitrogen, methane, ...
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How much atmospheric nitrogen can we replace with other gasses without causing problems for human health? [duplicate]

I know we need nitrogen to live, but what happen if we reduce the proportion of nitrogen in air (replacing it with another substance)? What percentage can I replace without risking health of humans ...
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