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Questions tagged [abiogenesis]

For questions pertaining to the spontaneous generation of life from inorganic compounds.

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1 answer

Does life need to start in water, or can life generate on land, or perhaps in air?

Is it possible that life could come about on land if a planet has a dense atmosphere? (This applies to non-carbon based life as well).
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2 answers

Could life generate twice on a planet using slightly different materials?

Extremely low possibility, but if life synthesizes from scratch after life has existed on a planet for a few million years, would the two separate lineages be able to co-exist?
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2 votes
1 answer

Could life exist on a planet that is heated mainly by hawking radiation from a super massive black hole that is millions of solar masses? [duplicate]

At a time long after the stelliferous there is a planet in orbit around a super massive black hole with almost all external heating coming from hawking radiation from the black hole it orbits. By ...
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