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For questions with an element that only has two dimensions: length and width. This tag is only relevant when describing something that is often not two-dimensional.

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Are flatlanders stuck in 2D? [closed]

A 3D creature "Boo" decides to visit flatland for a vacation.There he becomes friend with a flatlander "Elo" .They talk, eat and enjoy (don't ask how). While leaving Boo tells Elo about his world and ...
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Can a 2D object living in a shadow be examined in a 3D world?

In Doctor Who's Silence in the Library the Vashta Nerada, a carnivorous alien species that exists on every planet, exists in darkness and shadow, including the shadow a person casts standing in a room....
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How can a flat sheet of cells develop complexity and even intelligence?

Imagine pond scum: there is an interface between two fluids, and living cells are confined to this 2 dimensional structure. complexity has evolved hierarchical up to the point of having internal ...
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How to weigh a flatlander in 2D gravity?

Newton who laid out a set of mathematical rules to predict the motion of objects from a falling apple to planets orbiting the Sun, however it was Einstein who described how two masses tend to ...
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Is there a working law of gravity in 2D?

I am constructing a two dimensional world, but ran into a problem with one of the fundamental forces, gravity. I first tried to see what would happen if I just used the normal law of gravity, $\frac{...
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