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How would a creature fly without wings? [duplicate]

I am sorry if this is not the right place to ask, but I have tried to ask this question everywhere and the only answer I’ve gotten are examples of animals like the flying squirrel and such, which does ...
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Giant, flying fish? [duplicate]

I have this idea of giant, literal flying fish. About the size of a megalodon (if impossible, it can be smaller, I just want them to be really big), they fly at speeds of 70 miles per hour (again, you ...
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How could dragons be explained without magic?

Dragons are a grand classic of fantasy. For this question, let's assume we're talking about the following stereotype: hatches from an ostrich-sized egg and can grow to mountain size if nothing limits ...
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Biological Blimps: Propulsion

A while back, I asked this question about the plausibility of giant floating whales and received an excellent and high-scoring answer from Dubukay demonstrating that, given the assumptions that ...
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What mammal most abhors physical violence?

Imagine a world of anthropomorphic animals (if you're thinking of Zootopia, that's a reasonable starting point). People in this world have a lot in common with humans — opposable thumbs, language, the ...
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Evolution of giant floating mammals

Whales are majestic creatures of the sea, as they glide more gracefully through the water than their size should seemingly allow. What kind of evolutionary path would it take for whales to glide ...
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How viable is a creature that floats through the air like a living hot air balloon

My idea for a creature within my fantasy story is that of a creature which floats through the air like a living hot air balloon. It would do this through the intake, storage and regulation of gases ...
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Can organic life naturally produce a lightweight substance (relatively) impermeable to a lifting gas?

Apparently the Biology stack doesn't like theoreticals. :P I'm looking into the sci-fi trope of floating plants via some sort of equivalent of a kelp's pneumatocysts, and the biggest issue to ...
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In what conditions could whales fly?

I am wondering if it is possible for whales to fly. I'm considering two different cases. How could we alter earth conditions (thickness, gravity) so that whales could actively fly (without changing ...
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What would cause creatures on a planet to favor large sizes over small sizes?

On Earth, there are far more insects by biomass than any other creature type. Not only that, but they constitute a wider variety of species too. As a result, they also evolve interesting mechanisms ...
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Would a small low gravity moon be able to harbor complex life?

I was thinking of creating a moon that has low gravity which allows trees to grow extremely tall and would make for an interesting ecosystem. My question is would a relatively small moon with less ...
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Purpose of Engineered Organic Flying Whales

This is question #1 regarding the background art of Worldbuilding.SE One of the first things I noticed when I found this site was that amazing background picture. I like to think a great story can ...
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Is a 500 kg flying creature possible?

I usually like to leave some wiggle room for myself when fleshing a concept out. Dragons make that sort of impossible, same's true for nanomachines but ripped senators are a question for another day. ...
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How would a dragon fly, give it all you got, the dragon has 4 wings, and has an avarage (edited) 300Kg weight

The dragon's weight can be reduced, by a mixture of lighter than air gases, heated air, vacuums etc. I have done some research, but I forgot the equation, this was for a 6000 kg bird, how large does ...
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