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Can I Domesticate [X]

Worldbuilding generates a lot of "Can I domesticate [insert real or fictional creature here]" questions. This is intended to be a canonical version of that question. I'll self-answer, but ...
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What is a proper River Horse?

In a pre-industrial human culture on Earth with slightly altered flora and fauna, where rivers and canals are the major ways of transport, how would an ideal and realistic animal replacement for ...
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Would nomadic mermaids be capable of domesticating fish that they herd?

In my world, most mermaids migrate and have two family groups: A warm-water group and a cold-water group. When the water is cold (winter) the mermaids move down south to warmer waters. There the ...
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Can humans be conditioned to become non-violent and forget how to defend themselves?

Okay, so here's a quick scenario. Humans over the course of time have been selected to breed based on how docile they are. The violent ones are exterminated and all outside sources have been shut out. ...
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Could giant mermaids domesticate baleen whales?

While many mermaids are hunter gatherers some live a pastoral life, herding creatures like domesticated manatees. Along with this some mermaids (particularly giant mermaids) herd baleen whales using ...
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Can a character raise a T-Rex from an egg and have it be tame?

So I'm writing a book series called The Weasel Sagas (link here if you want to know more about that). Anyway, there's this character named Santa Muerte (her birth name is Beth but that's a story for ...
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Is it possible to breed extremely peaceful humans?

There is a dictatrix (female dictator) who is a well-intentioned extremist. She wants to make humans as peaceful as capybaras by only permitting humans who are empaths/sympaths to reproduce, humans ...
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How would you design a race of small humanoids such that they could ride a Quetzalcoatlus?

I would like to know whether it would be possible for a sufficiently small humanoid to ride a Quetzalcoatlus, a species of pterosaur alive during the late Cretaceous. Plausible adaptations to the ...
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Could Mandrills or Baboons be domesticated?

Could people domesticate baboons or mandrills, specifically for usage as pack of draft animals? I am aware that they are not quite that big, but could we selectively breed them to such size and ...
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Could circa-1600 humans have domesticated or tamed kangaroos?

The article Why Can't All Animals Be Domesticated? on Live Science sets out a list of criteria that a species needs to meet in order to be successfully domesticated by humans. In short, that list ...
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Ice Age Cavalry

The history of horse domestication, according to recent research, starts somewhere on the plains of eastern Europe 6,000 years ago. Since then, cavalry had become a major turning point in Old World ...
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Self selective breeding humans [closed]

Many dogs, as well as other animals, were bred to the point of becoming nothing but mere tools or toys. For example, wolves certainly were already strong, fast, or intelligent creatures but some ...
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Domesticating rockfolk

part 2 of: Evolution of Rockfolk the world i'm writing a sub-species of my Rockfolk have been Domesticated by humans becoming Golems, and are commonly use as a type guard dog or for field labor. some ...
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Are there certain qualities needed for an animal to be tamed?

Are there certain qualities that animals need to be tamed? Let's say, for example, a quadrupedal omnivore with intelligence on par with Earth's ravens. It does exhibit opportunistic predatorial ...
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Koala Domestication

Eucalyptus is known to be responsible for bushfires in extreme heat during summer months in Australia. These wildfires negatively affect the koalas (
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