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Gravity on a Cube World [duplicate]

Say that you have a planet that, instead of being spheroid, is cuboid. How would such a planet form? Wouldn't the gravity pull the matter toward the corners toward the center, causing the planet to ...
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Can a nonspherical planet exist and can it be habitable?

In both fiction and non-fiction worlds, that attempt to keep a sense of realism, planets are spherical. Is it possible for a planet to not be shaped like a sphere? If such a planet is possible ...
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How Would Civilisations on Different Planes of a Cube Planet Interact?

If there was a life-supporting planet that was cubical rather than spherical, would it be feasible for there to be a unique but similar civilisation on each 'Plane'? I know that cube planets are ...
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Dumbbell planet - how would humans cross the bridge?

Note: I am aware of this question Could two planets be tidally locked to each other so close they share their atmosphere? My question is not about that. It is specifically about human travel. By a ...
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Meeting other sides of a cube world, cheapest method?

Lets say that somehow a cube world came into being, on an axial tilt around its sun, four of the sides are in-habituated by intelligent life, one of these sides (relatively) quickly realized that ...
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How can I prevent a cube world from going spherical

Cube worlds are cool and many people like them but unfortunately, they are less than feasible. Does this have to be this way though? What factors could lead to the creation of a roughly cube shaped ...
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How does a Flat Earth world work? [closed]

Imagine a flat earth but with a gravity well at the center. Would its gravity be the same like ours?
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Celestial arrangement for the Cube World

An earlier question here concerning a cube-shaped planet got me thinking. Suppose an artificial world-sized engineering project as described in this answer The K-II civilization that built it ...
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Is a spherical core and magnetic field possible in Cube world

Pretty self explanatory question...can the Cube Earth described at the link below support a spherical core and a magnetic field? How would a civilization that has been living on a "cube" ...
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Flat world with land only between the tropics

I was wondering, how could there be a world with flat poles to such extent that only the tropical area would exist (it would be sort of a wheel). The weather and nature would be tropical. How would ...
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Geology of a supermassive Dyson sphere

There was a question on here a while ago about lighting a massive Dyson sphere, that has gotten me to thinking. Obviously, such an item needs some unobtainium to build, but ignore that. I'm figuring ...
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