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Would fantasy giants be possible due to the square-cube law? [duplicate]

I read here about just scaling up creatures and that it wouldn't be a good idea due to the square-cube law. It would increase the weight times 4 but only the bone structure by two. Are giants ...
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How strong do a giant hominid's muscles and bones need to be? [duplicate]

Obviously a giant would have to be more than just a large man. He would need much thicker and stronger bones than a human otherwise he would break bones regularly. And he would have to be stronger ...
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A more powerful bow

What methods are there to make more powerful bows, besides simply upscaling it? Just for definition, I will take more powerful to mean that it has more draw strength and longer range. The tech level ...
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Larger weapons for a larger world

Okay, so its been said by various people time and time again that overtly huge fantasy melee weapons are not practical in any way whatsoever. They are too large and cumbersome, and in a fair fight ...
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What would be the tallest possible height for humanlike creatures in earthlike conditions?

This is about "giants" inhabiting a fictional earth-like planet somewhere in the Universe (like those in the movie Prometheus, for example). Assuming that all the conditions (temperature, gravity, ...
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Aliens selectively breed humans to be bigger. How big could they get and still look human?

Can we go from this: to this: Suppose over millennia (or as long as it takes) humans on Earth are artificially selected by aliens to be big and healthy. Is there any theoretical reason that they ...
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Solutions to a Giant's Giant Problems

Giants do exist. It's just that they can't be anywhere close to being as big as those in Norse mythology or the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. The best we'd ever have for a giant was Robert Wadlow,...
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The practicality of mail armor cloaks

Somewhat related to my previous question, How to make a realistic giant, since it has been established that a nine- to ten- foot tall humanoid would be quite a bit stronger than a normal human, I was ...
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What might be an effective mode of transportation for Giants?

In my story Giants, humans, and a bunch of other fantasy races live along side each other and i'm curious as to what might be an effective mode of transportation for 10 foot tall Giants with Ancient ...
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How much would a giant differ from us normal sized people? [duplicate]

My dad and I have been talking at the way home about really high people and how they must feel (basketball, volleyball!!) and how it would be to be like them. But then the conversation leaded into a ...
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Biological and ecological considerations for a giant worm

There have been questions about sizing giant animals, giant humanoids, giant flying creatures (also discussed particularly for dragons and giant floating mammals), and giant spiders, one type of ...
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How do semi-sapient yeti/ogres live in the wild?

Assume that a species of bigfoot-type animal/person exists. Most of this also applies to ogres or trolls, whatever big dumb giants your particular setting has. My world's specs: They range 7-10 feet ...
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What evolutionary pressures could turn a group of divergent hominids into matriarchal giants?

QUESTION Other questions have covered what the physical structure of a humanoid giant might look like. Assuming that anatomically modern humans (or something close) were dispersed into several ...
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How to know realistic fictional body measures?

When creating humanoid races or species or just normal individuals, I sometimes want to describe a certain body measure and thus have to estimate a reasonable value. How do you do that? Are there ...
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Is this giant realistic?

Okay, I have an humanoid giant that’s 50 feet, or 15.2 m, tall. If we were to scale an 1.7-m tall, 60-kg individual up to that size, they would have a mass of 43.2 tonnes. The proportional strength of ...
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