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Should AI have faith too?

Religion plays a major role in human history and shaped our thinking as well as technology, conflict can arise from people who misunderstand each other religion and started an arm race. Set in 24th ...
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Why would a government passively encourage its people to not obtain a formal education?

I have a city in my world, about with about the land area of Singapore and about 1/6 of its population. In my story, my government needs to passively encourage its population to not go to school. By ...
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Would a society which possesses knowledge of all aspects of science from the time of early culture likely still form religions?

Consider an advanced species unlocks all of the curiosities of science in our universe. They spend millions of years learning every fact, every mechanism of physics, and develop a perfect "Theory of ...
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How to explain the co-existence of peace and violence in religion

If you look at religions in world history they are often a source of conflict. Disclaimer: Obviously this is not true of all religions nor is it a judgement on those religions for which it was or is ...
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Science, Religion, Magic: Can they be maintained in equal and parallel opposition?

This has been a burning question of mine for many years: If magic is real, can it be true that rational scientific thought should exclude it? In the course of discussing it, I've realized I need to ...
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Culturally Correct Myth Design

Every culture has its myths and myths always fit in with the culture they belong to. From the Native Americans and their stories of respecting nature to the blood and brutal of the Aztecs. If I had ...
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Does an expansionist, monotheistic religion require a central prophetic figure?

This question builds on these previous questions: What common structures and systems exist in global organized religions? How to explain the co-existence of peace and violence in religion I am ...
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What common structures and systems exist in global organized religions?

I am working on developing the cultural framework for my world and I have a singular religion in mind that plays a role in both the story and more relevantly the state of the world. To provide the ...
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What are the core elements required for creating a "successful" religion? [closed]

When comparing religions across Earth, especially if you consider all the religions which existed in the past, I can't help but think there are core elements that make a religion more likely to be "...
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How to establish a fantasy religion for races other than humans? [closed]

The world of Holo was given life by Sky, god of light and life. When the world was new he breathed life into the Elder races in the continent of Itheria. Elves were born from the Great forest, Dwarfs ...
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