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How big would the wings of my dragons have to be in order to fly? [duplicate]

I haven't really gotten into the size of my dragons, but I figured that a reasonable reference point for the size of my dragons would be Tyrannosaurus rex, since my dragons, as adults, look like ...
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How big do bird wings have to be relative to the size of the bird? [duplicate]

How do you estimate the ration of the torso of a bird to its wings? A bird in my world, the aquatic roc, is essentially a collasal pelican, big enough to scoop an average galleon, a ship of 160 feet. ...
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How could dragons be explained without magic?

Dragons are a grand classic of fantasy. For this question, let's assume we're talking about the following stereotype: hatches from an ostrich-sized egg and can grow to mountain size if nothing limits ...
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Would this winged human/angel be able to fly?

I take no credit for the image below. All artwork and information belongs to Blue-Hearts on DeviantArt: (click on image for a higher resolution) I'm personally very impressed at her level of detail ...
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How to make a viable flying mount?

In the real world, humans have tamed horses and use them as mounts. Horses have very specific characteristics that make them a viable mount, such as size, back-strength, stamina, diet, behavior, etc. ...
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What efficiencies make a realistic food chain?

I'm trying to design a food chain. For the sake of argument lets say it's based on flying creatures over a particular mountain range. ...
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What kind of animal could a centaur ride, and how?

Let's be using your typical centaur: half man, half horse. Due to the nature of their legs, they can't ride animals in the way that humans do. Horse legs just aren't really made to do that. My ...
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How much land area do my land-based animals (herbivores) need for food?

I'm trying to work out the kinks of an ecosystem on a planet that is rather similar to Earth, but with some species of animal (both carnivores and herbivores) we aren't familiar with in our world. The ...
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The Four-Winged Angel

One of the Stack Exchange's most popular topics is remaking mythological and fantastical creatures with realistic, believable anatomy. Usually, the answers go that for an angel's anatomy to be ...
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Alien Griffin Design

Another question for my comic: my friend has made a demand that I give one of her characters a flying mount, preferably griffin-like. I have some designs but I want them to be plausible: How bulky ...
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Biological and ecological considerations for a giant worm

There have been questions about sizing giant animals, giant humanoids, giant flying creatures (also discussed particularly for dragons and giant floating mammals), and giant spiders, one type of ...
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Creature Design Challenge- Extreme Gravity Flying Vertebrate

If you were tasking with creating a genetically engineered flying creature, capable of full powered flight on a (newly terraformed) planet with a surface gravity almost twice that of Earth's, do you ...
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Large flying creature on super earth?

I am working on a habitable planet that orbits around a red dwarf star and it is about 1.5 times bigger and more massive than the Earth. Gravity there is stronger and the atmosphere is thicker. Now, ...
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If humans were able to domesticate Azhdarchidae, would humans be able to get them Jurrasic World size?

If humans selectively breed Azhdarchidaes, would humans be able to make them absolutely massive? Could humans breed them to be able to carry a pilot and fly them?
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How would a dragon fly, give it all you got, the dragon has 4 wings, and has an avarage (edited) 300Kg weight

The dragon's weight can be reduced, by a mixture of lighter than air gases, heated air, vacuums etc. I have done some research, but I forgot the equation, this was for a 6000 kg bird, how large does ...
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