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Could a world in which magic is the norm ever advance technologically? [duplicate]

In a world where light can be created by a single spell, there would be no need to invent a light bulb. If magic can heal all injuries and ailments, advancements in medicine would be unnecessary? Even ...
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Why would a magic world be stuck in medieval times?

This is related to Must magic be tied to medieval tech?, but not the same. So the setup: There are two worlds, one is Earth, as it is now, with all its history. The other is a magic world, with an ...
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Is a world with no technological improvement possible?

A society grows with time, but does the technology needs to grow with them? Is it possible for a planet to have a very large population and much society but no more improvement in the ways of the ...
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How could I justify Medieval Stasis?

Quoting from TV Tropes: Medieval Stasis is a situation in which, as far as the technological, cultural, and sociopolitical level are concerned, thousands of years pass as if they were minutes. ...
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Science, Religion, Magic: Can they be maintained in equal and parallel opposition?

This has been a burning question of mine for many years: If magic is real, can it be true that rational scientific thought should exclude it? In the course of discussing it, I've realized I need to ...
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Why would a society choose to reject technology and use only magic?

In my world, some people discover how to use inter-dimensional energy to change reality (magic) and how to communicate with inter-dimensional beings (magical creatures). This leads to at least one ...
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Would magic cause a medieval society to stagnate rather than progress technologically?

If there was a medieval society where magic was only taught within royal and high ranking noble families, would this cause the society to stagnate? I mean, a lot of technological developments (but ...
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What are some alternatives to magic and technology? [closed]

It seems most worlds are run by either magic or technology. Sometimes it is both. But usually they are opposites. One may be the yin to the yang. Entire societies are usually based off of one or the ...
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In a world with magic, how would technology progress? [duplicate]

In a world where everyone could cast spells, and had at least some magic potential, how would technology progress after that of the middle ages? How this magic works: Everyone has the potential to ...
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What and how main technological breakthrough we have today could be replaced with magic? [closed]

In my opinion, magic can lead to its very own kind of technology, possibly very similar to ours. If it is a kind of magic where you use one energy source to trigger one other event (like in The ...
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Could a magic world break the social stagnation of the Early Middle Ages? (Not a technology question)

Setting: 4 types of magic, namely bio, godly, Ancient and artifact. Bio magic: throwing fireballs, making things float, destroying household items seemingly defying you on purpose... Relatively ...
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