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A humanoid with six arms? [duplicate]

How could a humanoid species evolve to have six arms, all in relatively the same part of the body, the top corners of the torso, like us? It can't be as simple as tree-climbers moving back to the ...
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Is a four-armed humanoid body-plan as realistic as a centaur-like body-plan?

Many designs for sapient aliens and sapient fantasy races alike - including one of my own - resemble four-armed humanoids; As covered in other questions on this site, a six-limbed vertebrate-analog is ...
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Humanoid avians with six limbs, how to modify their bodyplan so that their ribcage won't constrain certain movements?

Thundercats 2011 was great. I mean, it even had Thanos and infinity stones before it was cool. Such a good remake simply couldn't survive in final-stage capitalism, as those who worked on it didn't ...
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Anatomically Correct Hecatoncheires

The Hecatoncheires was the collective name given to three monsters; (Briareus, Cottus and Gyges) who were the children of Gaia and Uranus. They were not only known for their frightful enormity, but ...
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Humanoid based on Octopus: Flexibility and organ protection

I am planning on making a new species based on octopus and humans. Human in skeletal structure, Octopus flexibility. I am thinking of calling them octopeople. As far as flexibility, I am thinking of ...
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What would a hexapodal skeleton look like?

Having looked at some of the questions regarding creatures with more than four limbs, I've found some useful info, like the idea that additional limbs increase stability while requiring more brain ...
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Creating a Scientifically Semi-Valid Pseudo-Arthropod Primate Part 1: Pseudo-Dragonfly Wing Rib Muscles

Background As a parody of the super soldier questions and as an efficient way of organizing these questions I will now start this series of questions about Pseudo-Arthropod Primates. Questions from ...
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Anatomically Correct Centaur [duplicate]

I am honestly surprised no one's done this one yet. The centaur is a creature from Greek myth with the head, arms, and torso of a human replacing the neck and head of a horse. Standard Anatomically ...
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Humanoids with wings, how do they take off?

Remember when I said that flying creatures are a nightmare to design? Well, looks like dragons and gryphons were just the beginning, we still have two other species to cover, and they're worse. ...
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Effects of a ferret-like spine/ribcage on bipedal posture, possible leg lengths/proportions?

I was recently redesigning some mostly hominid Aliens I designed a long time back in high school and felt were a little lackluster, and since they were already Tall, Wiry, and vaguely Shambolic-...
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How the limbs should be correctly positioned in the body of a "quadrupedal hexapod" humanoid?

This question basically is about problems with combine the question Anatomically correct multiarmed humanoids but turning the position to quadrupedal and specializing one pair of the two pairs fo arms ...
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