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Growing blue trees [duplicate]

What about the atmosphere of earth makes green the best color for plants, and what would have to change to make blue the best color? The fact that these changes could not happen on earth, an so would ...
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What colour is the foliage if the sky is yellowish? [duplicate]

I would like my planet to be inhabitable by many species and humanoids. It has a cold climate than earth. I'd like the sky to be an yellowish pale orange. Would that change the color of grass or ...
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Could a red tree exist?

I recently started to wonder what a tree would be like on an alien world, and one thing that popped in mind for these trees was their color. The hosts star and environment would have a effect on said ...
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What conditions would make a permanent turquoise sky?

How would this effect nature as a whole and our living conditions if it does? The color is not too far from blue so it should be more feasible and not change the Earth too much.
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How can a salty ocean be turned purple?

On my Conworld, the oceans are purple. This is mostly for aesthetic purposes and my current explanation is an abundance of cyanobacteria. I'm not sure that this explains it correctly, so what could ...
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What colour would leaves be in a hydrogen-based atmosphere?

Note, when I say hydrogen-based atmosphere I mean replacing the 20% oxygen with hydrogen1. Let's just say basic plant life2 has developed on our fictional planet (which has the approximately all the ...
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Why would plants on an Earth-like planets photosynthesize without using blue-wavelength light?

According to Wikipedia, ...plants are green because chlorophyll reflects green light. And chlorophyll is found in all plants because it is the molecule that absorbs the light that is used to make ...
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Plants under different sunlight [closed]

What would a plant look like under a different sunlight. Like for example, O, B, A, F, K, and M-types? I know what a plant would look like under a G-type star like our Sun, what about under a star ...
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How similar or different can an exoplanet be, that supports a convergent evolved ''human'' species?

The idea is that a species very similar, but not related to humans have evolved on a different planet and are living in a medieval society. Humans from Earth must be able to live on this planet ...
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Flora Ecology on a M-Dwarf Planet with Slow Rotation [closed]

I'm building a world for an artistic project, and I'm struggling a bit with how the photosynthetic organisms would likely be different from Earth's plants. I'm not looking for wild idea generation, ...
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World building - Sky color, star class based on the color of the plants [duplicate]

Starting a new project here If my plant foliage is blue-green/turquoise and my under water plant are in the reddish-brown/ochre color - What color should the sky be (mid day and dawn/dusk) and what ...
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