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What could an aquatic civilization use to write on/with?

As the topic asks, what could an aquatic civilization use to write on/with? By aquatic, I mean they live in the oceans, breathe water, etc. -- like mermaids and such. And they are trying to create a ...
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Low-tech Underwater Weaponry

In a science-based universe with a species physically similar to merfolk, so tails and arms, what weapons would they develop for use during the stone-age phase of their existence? These would be used ...
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Could underwater living organism create technology?

Could underwater creatures with the intelligence of human cave men or possibly the intelligence of apes create technology (that is, more complex technology comparable to what we have now rather than ...
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How would an aquatic civilisation forge tools?

One of the first steps in technological is the ability of a civilisation to forge tools* humans achieved this by using fire and creating forges. There are obviously underwater heat sources but I don'...
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How do underwater societies develop mining?

You have an underwater civilisation, be they merpeople, octopus people, partially evolved humans or not. One thing that is always considered as a necessity in the development of any society is mining. ...
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What would make good clothing for an underwater species?

A soft and vulnerable intelligent underwater species, you can consider them closely related to Earth's octopus - in the way chimps are closely related to humans. Consider that clothing is often worn ...
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What types of musical instruments would develop underwater?

Water is different from air, and sound waves propagate through water in a different way than they do in air (caused in part by interactions with the bottom of the body of water). For a society living ...
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What technology would mermaids excel at?

I regularly see people speaking about the difficulties of technology underwater, and see questions about whether underwater civilizations could produce fire, electricity, etc.. But I haven't seen any ...
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What would be the communication range of an underwater species?

It's a commonly known fact that whale song travels huge distances. In fact apparently before the oceans were so noisy they could communicate over 10,000km! However, whales are very big! They can ...
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How could there be underwater thriving city in the medieval age?

I'm writing an adventure story set in the medieval age, our hero came(dived) across an underwater city with an estimated population of several thousands at depth of hundreds of meters below sea level. ...
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How could an underwater civilization develop fire?

This is the follow-up question to How could an underwater civilization develop electricity?, as mentioned there. In that question, I never addressed how my civilization could have discovered/used ...
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How could an underwater civilization develop electricity?

Electricity pervades our daily lives, and makes possible a lot of technological achievements. Harnessing it helps the development of any civilization. The thing is, water - especially sea water - is a ...
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