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Can you simply scale up animals?

There have been a number of questions focusing on mythical creatures where the logical approach to answering has been to scale up an existing animal. For example dragon's wings can be extrapolated ...
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Realistic, logical way for men with medieval-era weaponry to compete with much larger and physically stronger foes

I am currently writing/hard-core procrastinating on a fantasy novel that includes a race known as Orthaks. Basically an amended version of Orcs, they range from seven to nine feet tall, weigh between ...
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How to make a realistic 'giant'

Imagine a race of what we would call 'giants', each of them possibly around 8 to 10 feet (2.40-3.00 meters) tall. What differences would they need compared to us regular humans in order to function? I ...
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What basic principles should I keep in mind when scaling things up and down?

Making things bigger or smaller is common in speculative fiction (giant ants, tiny people, planets bigger than stars, and stars smaller than light bulbs.) What general principles should be kept in ...
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Anatomically Correct Borrower

In the award winning Studio Ghibli film, Arrietty, there exists a creature known simply as the Borrower. Borrowers are a small version of human, no taller than a few inches, yet are otherwise the same ...
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Anatomically correct Giants [duplicate]

What genetic traits would be needed to have a human that is "normal" in all aspects, but roughly 50 to 80 feet tall? This doesn't seem completely out of the realm of possibility considering some ...
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How can I explain the evolution of my giants?

Note: this is not a duplicate of Anatomically correct Giants or What would be the tallest possible height for humanlike creatures in earthlike conditions? because my giants are far from humanoid. ...
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How can a giant avoid collapsing on itself? [duplicate]

Say you have a giant, similar to those of Dungeons & Dragons. For the purposes of this question, we'll say it's twenty feet tall. Is there any way one can alter its anatomy to save it from ...
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Maximum Orcish biological lifespan in this setting?

I'm working on a short story, and I plan to put some ancient Diremen in charge of the vast majority. (Please note that Orcs are called Diremen in this story) . Diremen have a variety of biological ...
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How big can a giant get before losing human level intelligence?

In many fantasy worlds, giants are as intelligent as human beings and others races that they either avoid stepping on or step on regularly. However, due to the square cube law, giants have a limited ...
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Mega-human: What are the largest possible dimensions of a human? [duplicate]

How big can a person be while retaining all the functions of all their organs (including bones)? I am wondering if it is possible for large people to exist without compromising some part of their ...
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Is it possible to create a giant biological "mech"?

Is it possible to create a giant biological "mech" similar to the ones in the anime Evangelion? Its properties are: Has no soul, just muscle, bone and a metalic exoskeleton to support their weight. ...
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Anatomic design of a 10m tall humanoid that procreates by "splitting"

I'm currently trying to work out how a newly discovered species would work anatomically. It is extremely tall (10 to 15 meters) and has humanoid shape (head with eyes, arms, legs), but it is not a ...
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My Very Tall Humanoids

In my world I am working on, the species is similar to humans in almost every way except for the following thing things: They a much more slender They have very light hair colors such as blond and ...
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How to fight against Lion People?

In the story I would like to write, humans temporarily fight a race of lion people. In the story, there are two sides. Standing Alliance and the Animal Alliance (it sounds dumb, but I haven't come up ...
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How much would a giant differ from us normal sized people? [duplicate]

My dad and I have been talking at the way home about really high people and how they must feel (basketball, volleyball!!) and how it would be to be like them. But then the conversation leaded into a ...
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What accommodations would a giant need?

I'm making a human female who's size was multiplied by 10. I need to know what sort of accommodations she'd need to make up for any disadvantages. This is in the modern day, so 21st-century medicine ...
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How could a 10m tall giant swim across a freshwater lake?

Suppose we scale up a human to about 10m in height and their skeletal structure have evolved to ensure they won't succumb under their own weight. Due to their unique blood circulatory system they can ...
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How to support the evolution of a giant creature across generations [closed]

In my story, in which I want to rely on scientific logic as much as possible, I want a creature to evolve to become at least the size of a country and you can live in space. The means of evolution for ...
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