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Anatomic design of a 10m tall humanoid that procreates by "splitting"

I'm currently trying to work out how a newly discovered species would work anatomically. It is extremely tall (10 to 15 meters) and has humanoid shape (head with eyes, arms, legs), but it is not a ...
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How could a 10m tall giant swim across a freshwater lake?

Suppose we scale up a human to about 10m in height and their skeletal structure have evolved to ensure they won't succumb under their own weight. Due to their unique blood circulatory system they can ...
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What accommodations would a giant need?

I'm making a human female who's size was multiplied by 10. I need to know what sort of accommodations she'd need to make up for any disadvantages. This is in the modern day, so 21st-century medicine ...
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How to support the evolution of a giant creature across generations [closed]

In my story, in which I want to rely on scientific logic as much as possible, I want a creature to evolve to become at least the size of a country and you can live in space. The means of evolution for ...
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