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What would climate be like on a tidally locked planet? [duplicate]

How would climate behave on a tidally locked planet? Would there be zones like the ones on earth or not?
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Could a synchronously-rotating planet in the goldilocks zone exist? [duplicate]

An earth like planet in terms of lots of water and an atmosphere. The liquid water on the sunny side would evaporate due to the extreme heat and the snow and ice on the dark side would never melt due ...
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Tree Shape on a Tidally Locked World

I'm designing a tidally locked world around a red dwarf star. The habitable ring is an Earth analogue. The atmosphere and gravity are similar to Earth's, and we're going to pretend the wind is ...
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How extensive could a habitable twilight zone be on a tidally locked planet?

If a planet always faces the same side to the sun, so that it has a permanent night side and a permanent day side, it will have a twilight zone in between the two sides. This will be a band around the ...
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If Earth was tidally locked to the sun, where on the surface would the climate be mildest or most hospitable?

This is specifically about the climate, and where on the planet it would be mildest. Imagine Earth, rotating at the usual distance from the sun. Except, it is tidally locked to the sun; a so-called "...
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Where on a tidally locked planet with a 25 °C maximum is the 0 °C isotherm?

I am writing a novel. In that novel, humans have settled a tidally locked planet. That planet is positioned at just such a distance from its sun that the sun heats the planet to an average of 25 °C at ...
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What would weather look like on a world with a 9-year day?

In a world I am building, the planet's days are longer than its years, with a single day taking 9 years. In all other ways, this planet is similar to Earth, but are there other differences I am ...
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Circulation patterns on a tidally-locked binary planet

A targeted hard-science spin-off from this question: In a tidally-locked planet that rotates about a barycentric point that’s located outside of its own sphere, what would the coriolis forces be like?...
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Proxima Centauri and tidally locked planets

Proxima Centauri may have a rocky, earth like planet close to its dim sun. Tidally locked, the sun facing side may have a temperature up to 30 degrees Celsius and a dark side of -30 C. This would make ...
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Flora and fauna of a tidally locked planet

Imagine a world much like Earth, except it is nearly tidally locked to its star, making a complete revolution every few thousand years. The planet is far enough away that there is a band of livable ...
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Is a sudden slowing of a planet's rotation realistic?

In the world I am designing, the days last 9 years. The main problem I had was how life could have evolved on a world like this. An easy solution is to have the world start having 9 year days after ...
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How do you map the climates and biomes on a tidally locked planet with no Coriolis Effect?

I've been looking through some videos and reading up on mapping out climates and biomes for fictional worlds very similar to Earth (Artifexian's videos have been a huge help), but I have been curious ...
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Creating a planetary system that can support six different types of biochemistry

First type - Fluorosilicones in Fluorosilicones, 400° to 500° C Second type - Fluorocarbons in Molten Sulfur, 113° to 445° C Third type - Proteins in Water, 0° to 100° C Fourth type - Proteins ...
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Ring of storms around a planet

I'm looking to see if it's possible to create a planet which has constant, violent storms occurring in a ring around the planet. There's been plenty of questions on here about weather on tidally ...
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What would wind currents and water cycle look like on a tidally locked planet?

So my planet is tidally locked, it constantly faces its star like the moon faces Earth. One side is completely frozen, the other is burning hot. There is an atmosphere that allows life, and people ...
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