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Are there any viable communications across light years of space? [duplicate]

My question seems pretty straightforward. Are there any theoretical or proposed devices that will make people capable of communicating across light years nearly instantaneously or something similar?
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Are there any ways to allow some form of FTL travel without allowing time travel?

Faster than light travel is a really cool thing to have in sci-fi settings. It allows humans, in relatable time scales, to travel the galaxy and see a variety of worlds. It allows for conflicts ...
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How would space battles alter combat tactics?

A thought occurred to me while watching Ender's Game. Why are these two fleets in space lining up like two armies during the revolutionary war (or pick your war of the musket/volley era)? Thinking ...
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Does my Fast-as-Light travel method run afoul of causality or relativity?

I am writing a hard science fiction story and I want to avoid violating known physics, while still enabling some of the classic mainstays of science fiction under the auspice of sufficiently advanced ...
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Is there a scientifically sound faster-than-light travel system for a spaceship?

Recurringly in Sci-Fi spaceships manage to make it to lightspeed and above. Is there a scientifically plausible explanation of such capacity? How does it impact the spaceship's design and its ...
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Science-based FTL drive

So I'm writing a story about a crew of scientists that explore the universe searching for a hidden knowledge in embed in the fabric of the space itself. More like to the Destiny's crew from Stargate ...
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Life at faster than light

Tachyons are a hypothetical particle that constantly move at speeds in excess of the speed of light. We haven't yet proven their existence, but neither have we disproved their existence (which is, as ...
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If an immortal, fabricated particle could travel FTL, would it exist in all times, or only the past relative to its present?

This seemed too scifi or hypothetical for physics, so here goes. Suppose a manipulated quark with 0 mass could travel faster than the speed of light. It's known that the faster you go, the slower ...
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Plausible hard science explanations to seemingly FTL communication [closed]

In my universe, FTL communication using entanglement SEEMS to have been achieved. I understand quite well from a layman's perspective how it's basically impossible without a complete overhaul of ...
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How would an alien civilization realistically monitor earth?

If a Kardashev Type III alien civilization wanted to monitor the earth (and its inhabitants' progress) via a satellite/orbiting object, how would they realistically transmit data from this object? ...
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tachyonic FTL travel?

Suppose you had a device with the ability to temporarily give your ship tachyonic properties. Would this allow for FTL? How would it affect warfare in a sci fi universe? The reason I am asking this ...
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"Tachyonic precurors" as an early warning system

Hypothetical tachyons (not the kind suggesting field instability in superstring theory) are thought of as superluminal particles that are always traveling faster than light, in this case suggesting ...
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