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Logically consistent FTL without time travel [duplicate]

If relativity holds, than faster-than-light travel would allow for time travel into the past. However, some claim that if all FTL travel used only one frame of reference, there could be no temporal ...
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I have an FTL missile and it is causing paradoxes I don't want in my universe, what do I do? [duplicate]

This is something I have had going in my head that actually hurts to a strong extent as I just can't figure out what would be so great about having a FTL missile over a laser and a paradox that is ...
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Ways to make the time travel aspect of FTL to be as hard as possible? [duplicate]

As I understand it, thanks to the General Relativity it is absolutely impossible to have both relativity and FTL without the latter opening you a way to get into your past thanks to the relativistic ...
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FTL and causality [duplicate]

Let's assume that a method for FTL has been found, and for whatever reason, it work. Given our current knowledge of physics, what would be the consequences? For example, under what circumstances ...
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A relatively relativity-safe FTL [duplicate]

Relativity is fun, but it does have some downsides. In practice, travelling near the speed of light makes you travel into the future, which is problematic. Relativity also doesn't seem to agree with ...
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Standardisation of Time in a FTL Universe

Here on Earth, time standardisation was enabled by the invention of accurate time pieces which allowed us to create a global constant (GMT/Zulu time) and regional offsets. If we travel outside our ...
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How to avoid FTL as a plot device?

Many SF stories feature faster-than-light travel as essentially a trope: Roddenberry has stated☡ that the Enterprise travels at the speed of plot. As an allegory of the south seas, or some throw-away ...
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Implications of Newtonian universe

I'd like to remove the speed of light limit from my world. However I don't want to just hand-wave the consequences. How should my universe look if: light travels at infinite speed, and so do gravity ...
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Does my Fast-as-Light travel method run afoul of causality or relativity?

I am writing a hard science fiction story and I want to avoid violating known physics, while still enabling some of the classic mainstays of science fiction under the auspice of sufficiently advanced ...
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Is there a scientifically plausible faster-than-light communication system?

In series such as the Hyperion Cantos and Ender's Game, there exist fictional faster-than-light communication systems allowing either instantaneous, or near-instantaneous transmission of information. ...
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How to Protect Against FTL Sneak Attacks

Background: Following the development of faster-than-light technology, humanity has spread across the stars and encountered many kinds of alien life. While the galaxy is mostly peaceful, occasional ...
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With FTL technology is it possible to leave after another and yet arrive before it?

There's a plot point in my script that has been bothering me for a while. My story has faster-than-light travel thanks to distortion engines, which re-purpose the artificial gravity inside the ships ...
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Science-based FTL drive

So I'm writing a story about a crew of scientists that explore the universe searching for a hidden knowledge in embed in the fabric of the space itself. More like to the Destiny's crew from Stargate ...
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How plausible is an Alcubierre drive, really?

Like on a scale of one to ten, how plausible are Alcubierre drives in terms of our current understanding of physics? Plausible enough to be considered "hard sci-fi", or are they just another form of ...
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How does a teleporter logically lead to time travel? [closed]

I've read a good number of FTL equals time travel questions and answers both here and on other sites, but for the life of me I just do not get the connection. Let's take a really simple case: say at ...
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