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How could humans destroy the Earth completely and quickly? [duplicate]

Scenario : A group of insanely evil people decides to completely wipe out our home planet. All humanity's knowledge and resources are at their disposal and they have access to all kinds of weapons ...
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What kind of explosion could explode the whole Earth? [duplicate]

I want to make technology that can explode the whole Earth. The problem is that antimatter explosions and nuclear explosions just don't have the juice needed to blow up the planet. Conventional ...
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How large would an impact have to be to destroy earth? [duplicate]

Supposing I had a planet the size of the earth, how much mass and how much velocity would an impacting body have to have to completely annihilate the planet? That it is to say that its reduced from a ...
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How much force would be needed to split the moon in half? [duplicate]

I've always seen things in fiction and in the Quran where the moon was split in half. Then, it got me to thinking, how much force, if there is even a formula for this and if so point me in its ...
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How can I destroy a gas giant planet?

We have already discussed how difficult it would be to blow up a planet like Earth, basically deciding that you can't do that with any reasonable amounts of energy. But what if I don't need to blow up ...
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What's the largest body in the solar system that you could destroy without endangering humanity?

You're an alien that really likes pyrotechnics. Nothing that goes boom on your home planet (in a safe and responsible manner) satisfies you any more. Why not blow up a planet and see what that's ...
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Can planets die of old age

I was wondering if planets die after a certain amount of time, perhaps because of decay? If this is the case, how do they die and how long does it take? Do they implode? Explode or perhaps just fall ...
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On the immediate effects of a small, short term black hole

What immediate effects would a small, short-term black hole have if it appeared in a residential backyard? How small or short-lived would it have to be to be survivable, if it is survivable at all? ...
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Can we start a colony on a passing rogue planet?

A rocky planet, similar to Earth in mass and composition, is set to pass through the solar system in one year's time. It has frozen oceans of water ice and a thin atmosphere of unknown composition. It'...
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How fast would a planet have to be spinning for the centrifugal/centripetal force to cancel out the force of gravity near the equator?

So, I know that on the planet earth, the force of gravity is actually slightly less nearer the equator, due to the Centrifugal Centripetal Spinny Force. Not by a whole lot, but by some small amount. ...
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What would be the effect of a powerful explosive going off in the core of a planet?

What would happen if a powerful explosive went off in the core of a planet? On Earth, you have several layers of the planet, the crust, the magma, the outer core, and the inner core. Right now, human ...
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How much antimatter would we need in order to wipe out all humans, eradicate all animals and blow up the Earth?

Supposing we had many thousands of antimatter bombs (they can be detonated in many different locations), how much total antimatter would we need in order to wipe out all humans on Earth? Supposing we ...
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Size of the volcano that ends the world

One of the theories behind the extinction of the dinosaurs is the eruption of one or a series of volcanoes. Supposedly the ash expelled by these eruptions blocked out the sun, killing plants and thus ...
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How much TNT do you need to blow up the moon? [closed]

How much TNT do you need to blow up the moon if you place it exactly in the middle? Just think of the explosion -- that there's no air in space doesn't matter! What do you think is it possible and ...
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Can we destroy the Sun? [duplicate]

The Sun is evil, we must destroy it by any means possible to us today! Can we destroy it? Or at least shorten it's lifespan.
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