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Are there any ways to allow some form of FTL travel without allowing time travel?

Faster than light travel is a really cool thing to have in sci-fi settings. It allows humans, in relatable time scales, to travel the galaxy and see a variety of worlds. It allows for conflicts ...
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Is there a scientifically plausible faster-than-light communication system?

In series such as the Hyperion Cantos and Ender's Game, there exist fictional faster-than-light communication systems allowing either instantaneous, or near-instantaneous transmission of information. ...
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Can jets from rotating astronomical bodies be used for relativistic acceleration?

Compact, rapidly rotating astronomical objects (like neutron stars) are often observed to emit streams of high energy particle radiation along their poles. Near supermassive black holes in galactic ...
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Life at faster than light

Tachyons are a hypothetical particle that constantly move at speeds in excess of the speed of light. We haven't yet proven their existence, but neither have we disproved their existence (which is, as ...
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How to get high atmospheric pressure with 1g

I'm assuming that to hold onto more atmosphere, the planet would have to have more gravity, or the atmosphere itself would have to be comprised of denser gasses. So, assuming that the planet has a ...
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Plausible hard science explanations to seemingly FTL communication [closed]

In my universe, FTL communication using entanglement SEEMS to have been achieved. I understand quite well from a layman's perspective how it's basically impossible without a complete overhaul of ...
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Quantum containment for nuclear explosive bullets

What is a plausible way to have a micro-scale containment system that prevents excited nuclear isomers from decaying? background A nuclear isomer is an excited state of an atomic nucleus. This is ...
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Headlights at Light Speed [closed]

If you are driving at the speed of light in a car and turn on your headlights, would anything happen? I thought that the light would come out but pool up in the headlights themselves. Any truth to ...
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Energy requirement for ftl [closed]

What would be a fair energy requirement (in Watts) for a hyperspace engine to support 1T at 1c? This is how the system works: Gravity affects your ship, so you have to compensate for that (or take ...
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Nailing the physics of a negative mass planet

Another question about my exotic matter planet. I mentioned floating landmasses via anti-gravity and exotic matter mining, but I recently read this:
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Possible FTL travel methods for hard(ish) sci-fi? [closed]

I'm working on a story that requires travel at about convenient* speeds (see below). I want to keep this story as hard sci-fi as possible and I've heard about stuff like Alcubierre drives which sound ...
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