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What's the feasibility of using the earth as a generation ship [duplicate]

The sun is going out, so we decide to use the earth as a generation ship. We plant bombs in various locations of earth's crust and core, which uses a portion of the earth as propellant to send the ...
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Shipping Ganymede to Venus [duplicate]

So assume someone wants to terraform Venus. And for extra points the decide to get her a moon too. So, how could you get Ganymede to Venus with as little effort as possible but also as fast as it can ...
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Is it possible for a planet to become moon of a gas giant and sustain life as is? [duplicate]

I intend to base my story on a habitable earth-like planet, which faces major apocalypse that forces it to be a moon of super jupiter and tidally locks itself. If this is to happen, how would it be ...
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My star will explode as a supernova. What can I do in order to ensure that my planet survives that?

I am posting this in behalf of a friend of mine from a distant world. Here is his message properly translated to English: Hi, Sol3αlings1. My name is $ѬӚᕕƨ⧬௵44ħ$. We are peacefully and we need your ...
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Why would a civilisation choose to inhabit a single enormous vessel instead of maintaining interstellar colonies?

The setting: Very distant future, Earth is long gone/forgotten/just not around anymore. Humanity, whatever it may consist of (people, AI, something in-between) inhabits a single vast generation ship ...
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Which goods make sense to transport over interstellar distances? [duplicate]

Think about the Nostromo from Alien. A giant freight ship that transports iron ore (!) over many light years (passing several other systems) to Earth on a year long trip. I think most will agree that ...
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Simple non destructive spaceship liftoff engine

I like to have a concept of an engine that spaceships can use to lift off (and land) from/on a planet (regardless of it having an atmosphere or not) with the following constraints: It should be ...
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What would be the most efficient and cost effective way to stop a star's nuclear fusion ('kill it')?

I want a group of freelancers on a spaceship to stop a star from functioning. No government funding and they have to get creative. What would be the cheapest way for them to achieve this? I know we ...
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In the far future would weaponizing the sun or parts of it be possible?

Lets assume we are dealing with a futuristic setting set several thousand years in the future with major galactic empires controlling thousands of systems and producing all sort of things that we can ...
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Deep Space bomber - Best bomb against Interstellar warship that is kilometers long in size

We have two opposing forces: the Democrats and the Imperialists. Each one can field an armada of ships numbering millions in their fleets, supported by trillions- to a quadrillion person strong super ...
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Is it possible to build a bridge between planets?

What I am proposing is a bridge making it possible to travel between two planets, I have some ideas but I would like to know if and how it would work. Maybe somehow stopping their orbit and locking ...
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Could you fall off a planet if it was being accelerated by engines?

Some background In the movie The Wandering Earth, the rotation of Earth is slowed to a stop, and then 10000 engines are strapped to one side of the planet and used to accelerate it out of the solar ...
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What would be the first thing humans would mine on Jupiter?

Jupiter is a terrible place to be, but for a number of artistic reasons, I'd like to have my story take place there and only there. "Mining", or resource extraction by any other name, is the usual ...
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Which gas giant of the solar system could humanity mine and for what resource?

In a close future (in 100-200 years), humanity is in an energy/resource crisis and seeks new resources in the solar system. In my story, humanity, still in need after colonizing the moon, sends a ...
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Would you shoot out DNA onto baby planets if you planned to visit it someday?

The question popped into my mind when I read this. Since we know our scientists are searching for planets which might be capable of supporting life; most of them many light-years away, could the ...
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