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Is a single stable planetary ecosystem even possible? [duplicate]

Think of some famous outside-of-the-solar-system planets from say, Star Wars. Tatooine. Hoth. They all have something in common: No matter where you land, the landscape is pretty much the same: on ...
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Are single-biomed planets (like in *Star Wars*) possible? [duplicate]

I know this may seem like an obvious no, but with the newest Star Wars movie just released, there is a mineral-rich planet called Crait which I have seen make a few debates about whether or not this ...
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How would it be possible to have a world of mostly jungle? [duplicate]

Recently I was making planets again and I was wondering if it was possible to have a world consist of mostly jungle and rain forest biomes. Also with that I was wondering what would need to be the ...
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Is it possible to have a planet with just one climate? [duplicate]

There are a number of games who depict planets as one general climate such as Desert or Tundra for example. I know that games only do this to save time and money and obviously, this is not evident on ...
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Worldwide climate [duplicate]

Is it possible for an entire planet to have the same climate? So lets for example say an entire world with a northern european (scandinavian) climate and accompanying geography. (No deserts, no ...
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Are Planets with mainly one climate Biome Plausible? [duplicate]

So i'll start by saying it feels like a somewhat stupid question in the sense that the answer is no, but im wondering if (for back story of races in a story) its realistically possible for a planet to ...
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Are "planet of hats" realistic?

Planet of hats is the name of a trope where all inhabitants of a planet share a defining characteristic, of which there are many sub-tropes like environment or economy. I'd like to focus on the ...
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Single biome (hot) desert planet, possible?

I have the below snippet describing a planet in a (hard) sci-fi setting. This harsh planet has some human settlers, who can survive the climate in light weight environmental suits. The planet is a ...
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Is a rainforest (or any single-biome) planet feasible

Various sci-fi movies often have single-biome planets (such as Tatooine, for example). Obviously a desert planet is possible (witness: Mars), but what about a more complex ecosystem, such as a ...
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European Dragon VS Asian Dragon, who wins? [closed]

My recent interest in the anatomy of dragons, took a turn into imagining an epic fight between two legendary creatures : the European Dragon and the Asian Dragon. Two relatives from the same family ...
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A cold desert planet

I know that by definition, a desert implies a lack of water and, as such, makes it very hard for living things to survive there. In the story I'm writing, the characters come across a planet that is ...
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Would it make more sense to terraform a planet with a single climate or multiple varieties of climate?

A human civilization in my story has terraformed hundreds, possibly thousands of planets across their galaxy to support life. They have done this by changing the atmospheres, adding minerals into the ...
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