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Devising a magic system that isn't just a shortcut to cheat physics? [closed]

Something I find deeply unsatisfying in my reading of fantasy fiction is that magic is invariably treated as a means to cheat real physics. The fantasy world is built to operate according to the way ...
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Why would magic and science be split?

As previously noted, magic would most likely be able to be studied by the scientific method. Indeed, science would likely at least try to understand magic, if not incorporate it. My question is, what ...
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A culture of lies

Working to develop a culture within my world where good liars are prized. We do know, from science that the ability to lie is actually a marker in cognitive development, because the creature or person ...
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How to make magic commonplace and still keep it mysterious

In my world I have an advanced civilization whose technology is Magic based. Their civilization magic can be found everywhere though, it is found most commonly among the educated and Wealthy class, ...
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Rivers flowing uphill

In this article, scientists are investigating river channels on Earth, Mars, and Titan to see how rivers modify their landscapes. The following quote caught my eye: Rivers are, in a way, topography ...
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Magic and Science. How do I make sure Magic is consistent with the Laws of Physics? [closed]

One of the biggest issues of typical fantasy Magic in most settings seems to be that it is able to easily and freely manipulate, create and destroy energy at a whim. Teleportation, for instance, ...
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Is plausible to have subspecies with & without separate sexes?

I'm creating humanoid specie with two subspecies Hairy races - roughly based on humans, chiss, mirialans, with standard males & females sexes Tentacle races- roughly based on asari, twilek, ...
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Possibility of non-magical superpowers [closed]

I am not writing a story, this just came to me as an idea. How can one introduce superpowers in his world without an appeal to magic or heavy machinery (in fact, without an appeal to machinery which ...
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Designing a constrained spell-crafting system for the modern world [closed]

I am attempting to construct a magic system for a fictional modern world akin to ours. In this world, like ours, magic has largely been forgotten, so it is no longer part of the world and has had no ...
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How to determine power or limits of magic if it's bound by laws of physics? [closed]

I'm a fan of plausible superpowers and believable magic. I want to come up with several magic discpiplines and superpowers (or abilities), that are rather impossible in real world, but are still ...
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A Magical Society [closed]

Quite literally. I have an idea for a world I want to make in which the ability to use magic is about as easy as something like learning how to code. It would be taught in schools, professions would ...
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Using Gravity to fuel magic [closed]

Could anyone offer some hypothetical ways in which gravity could be used to fuel magic by those that "know"? I'm writing a story in which a few characters are in said know, and utilize gravity as ...
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How would magic work? [closed]

So sorry about all the other ways I phrased this question. So I am writing a world where there is lots of magic, but the magic is actually a kind of science that our world(the real world) just hasn't ...
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How does magic enter the real world after a calamity? [closed]

Background The world of Phrelle is Earth, but many thousands of years after an unspecified calamity. I would like to use Phrelle as a home brew setting for a D&D campaign, populating it with ...
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Convincing but Fake "Magic" [closed]

A primitive culture living on the world of Ori-Alona has developed a system of magic based around dreams and the harnessing of elemental spirits. While there is no real basis for this magic and it's ...
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