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What distinction could there be between space torpedoes and space missiles?

In the game "Stelaris" torpedoes and missiles are different categories of weapon. Presumably they wanted to include numerous kinds of weapons for the player to chose from. These weapons are all ...
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Stealth in Space: How realistic is it?

This has been considered other places on the net, but I thought it would be good for the hard-science challenge, since it is often an example of the subtle difference between soft and hard science. ...
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Is space piracy orbitally practical?

I'm considering a story set about fifty years (2065) in the future. It takes a rather optimistic view; space exploration has led to colonies on the Moon and Mars, as well as several space stations ...
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Aliens are on their way. What can cause them to not understand us?

This question continues the premise set in my previous question, but do not worry, I will try to tell the most important bits: There is intelligent alien race about 30 light years away from us. They ...
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What kind of realistic ranged weapons would be effective in spaceship combat?

So my indomitable army of bunnies have developed space travel and built their first space ship for the exploration of the great universe. However they have a problem! After some consultation with the ...
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Fundamentally, what are the pros and cons of fleet vs mega ship (warfare)?

You have an advanced space faring civilization tons of resources, and you could build one massive, heavily armored mega ship, or with the same resources, build thousands or hundreds of thousands of ...
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Planet Wars 1 : Where to start? [closed]

When people consider a war between planets, they immediately think of throwing big rocks at it. What my question is, when you know another planet is going to attack, what is the first thing that ...
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Realistic space battle distances?

Distance in space battles is a crucial variable that affects the tactics and outcomes. With the following tech what is a reasonable distance for battles to be engaged: Engines: Fusion drives with max ...
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Would a base on the moon (military or otherwise) actually prove useful?

I watched Independence Day: Resurgence the other day. In it, Earth's first line of defense is a lunar base (that gets blown up), followed by an orbital satellite network (that gets blown up). Now, ...
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What can be a good strategic point in outer space

On earth where we puny humans fight each other on land air and sea we have of a concept of strategic points which are oil fields trade choke points islands in the sea mountains on land places where ...
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How quickly could a spaceborne missile accelerate?

Is there any practical g-limit for unmanned spacecraft, or could you theoretically push a missile to significant fractions of c in hours or minutes while pulling hundreds or thousands of Gs? I need to ...
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Space Age to Bronze Age

I was wondering on others people's ideas on how to take a Space Age civilization and send it back to the stone or bronze age. My own idea was that war and disease broke out, crippling the nation as ...
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How to defend against bad drivers and alien threats in a slower than light transportation scenario

You don't need to be traveling faster than the speed of light to encounter some pretty major problems. At just 30% the speed of light (90 Mm/s) a spaceship of mass 4 x 10^5 kg (about the mass of the ...
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A supercomputer around the sun

I wish to build a sort of Dyson swarm around the sun. Not to transmit energy, but to put supercomputers in each satellite so they can calculate spatial trajectories. The main idea of the project is ...
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Near future Space ship weaponry : Projectile vs Lasers vs Hydrogen Bomb

Let's say you want to build a weaponized Spaceship with near future technology. It's goal would be to be able to destroy satellites, other weaponized spaceships and projectiles/missiles shot at it ...
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