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How would an aquatic race develop computers?

Following on from this question and assuming the race in question had developed the ability to create tools how would they approach the need for mass calculation. Our early computers were used to ...
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What would an out-of-water submarine (for water-breathing mer-people) look like?

My mermen & women (fish from waist down and human from waist up, but breathe only in water) are at WWII era warfare and interested in their version of 'underwater,' meaning they want out-of-sea ...
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Could underwater living organism create technology?

Could underwater creatures with the intelligence of human cave men or possibly the intelligence of apes create technology (that is, more complex technology comparable to what we have now rather than ...
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Could an aquatic civilization discover space travel?

Building from this and this, given an aquatic civilization somehow manages to forge tools and build computers, could it build space-faring devices? Also another development that would come earlier (...
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Living Planet Possible?

Although a question about how large a living thing could be has been asked and answered, would a being such as Mogo from DC's Green Lantern series be possible? Mogo is the size of Earth roughly can ...
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How would you exterminate my species of mermaids? [closed]

They are spread over several underwater-forests and live in small tribes under rocks. They eat fish and plants and all live in a big connected Ocean which is about a mile deep. Their level of ...
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Sapient aquatic species substituting geothermal vents for fire

In a question I saw on here a while back, somebody said that the development of a sapient, technologically progressing species requires fire, and thus such a phenomenon could not occur under water. ...
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Cephalopods Inherit the World

I have a post-apocalyptic world where some intelligent animals become the new major world-controlling species. In particular, some new/evolved species of Cuttlefish and Octopi are beginning to fill ...
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Mermaid Technology [duplicate]

I'm tinkering around with an idea based on a mermaid civilization unbeknownst to humanity. The problem is, I'd rather write this with a better knowledge of what's scientifically possible, as opposed ...
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What is the right size for a technologically advanced species?

I am aware of biological constraints to our size, such as the issues presented by Vsauce in this video. However, letting the biological factors aside, what is the perfect size for a technologically ...
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How would a sea-dwelling species wage a war with humanoids (and possibly win)? [closed]

There are two dominant species on the planet Someplace. One is humanoid, much like us. They have modern-day technology, and have similar physical traits. There are around 1 million people in the ...
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