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Could life exist on a tidally locked planet? [duplicate]

Could a planet with one side always facing its star have a temperate zone between the far side and near side that can be suitable for an ecosystem to exist? Here are the conditions: The planet has an ...
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Is a Terminator line(twlight zone) wide enough for people to live in? [duplicate]

I'm writing a story about a planet tightly locked in rotation. Would it be viable for people to live within the twilight zone of the planet? I'm not talking about just a couple people I'm talking ...
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Temperature of the sunset/sunrise band of a tidally locked planet [duplicate]

Assuming an Earth-like planet (in terms of size, distance from sun etc) that is tidally locked to its sun, it would seem that the "dayside" would be permenantly burning and the "nightside" permenantly ...
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How would winds behave on a tidally locked planet?

If an earth-sized planet were tidally locked to a star, and was in the life zone of its star with an earth-like atmosphere, what would its wind patterns be like? The planet would have one hot ...
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Can a situation exist where there is one pole that is hot and another cold on a planet?

I am trying to design a world where one pole is very cold, and the other is very hot. I don't mean that there would be instant death in either, but it is colder than our South Pole on one end and ...
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What would weather look like on a world with a 9-year day?

In a world I am building, the planet's days are longer than its years, with a single day taking 9 years. In all other ways, this planet is similar to Earth, but are there other differences I am ...
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Strange night-day planet design

I've posted a previous question similar to this in the way that it is of my WIP web-comic. The planet my friend and I have designed is strange as she wanted to create either a permanently dark planet, ...
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Would life be possible on a planet with an eternal day and night? [duplicate]

The story I want to tell is about a world where one side of the planet always is sunlittenand the other side is always drenched in blank. The planet once stopped rotating (tangential meeting with a ...
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How extreme can a habitable tidaly locked world be?

I want to create a tidally locked world with a habitable (broadly Earth like atmosphere and biome that humans could breathe and live in) band stretching around the terminator pole to pole. There would ...
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Could life exist on a planet orbiting a T class brown dwarf?

Note: Please try not to overcomplicate it for me. I might sound mature, but I'm actually a minor and as much as I like complex wording, I want it to be understandable. Hey! Basically, I'm drafting up ...
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What would be the effects of living in the "twilight zone" of a tidally locked planet? [closed]

Let's say you have a planet tidally locked to its star (a red dwarf), with an atmosphere that makes it habitable around the area halfway between the point closest to the star and the point furthest ...
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