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How can I make names that are racially similar, yet diverse? [duplicate]

I've always had trouble with inventing names. They refuse to come, or when they do, they sound funny or cheesy. However, a name will occasionally pop into my head, fully formed and sounding perfect. ...
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How do I name my Hero? [duplicate]

I feel vaguely silly asking this, but I'm stuck. I'm writing a short story. All my short stories start by having the main character(s) be named CharName(1,2,3...). I'm interested in generating ...
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How does one create a realistic language for their world? [duplicate]

Within your world, would you want to create a simplistic language for one society while having English or native "Earth" language be the other? When creating a language, how would you go about ...
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How can I make my languages structurally less like English?

Making vocabulary for a language isn't too difficult (at least, not as hard as it might seem at first!). You can come up with some simple patterns of letters and syllables, and work off of those to ...
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How to name aliens?

Consider writing about aliens, in an alien setting. Not “costume” aliens mind you, but imaginative different beings in fundamental ways. Calling it “Bill” is campy. Making up some noise and trying to ...
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Does it make sense for all names to have a common letter or sound?

In a short story that I'm writing, there are four main characters: Myra Alytho Syng Theyna Myra and Theyna are female; Alytho and Syng are male. They all have a few things in common, one of which is ...
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How long will it take to form a new dialect and language in underground steampunk London?

This is the start of an experiment to see just how useful Worldbuilding Stack Exchange can be. I'm planning a work of fiction, but rather than build the world around the story, I'd like to write the ...
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How do I go about generating names for neighborhoods in the capital city in my fantasy novel

The capital city in my novel is called Mirrorith. There is one extremely affluent neighborhood and two poorer areas. One area is the industrial center where people work in large warehouses to ...
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Good name for a colonial planet? [closed]

Specifically the first to be colonised by Humans (so it's more of a big deal for them) what names do you like from pre-existing media, or what name can you think up?
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Naming Characters In a New World [closed]

I am trying to think of names for characters in a story where the main character is reborn in a new world. I am trying to figure out how to name characters. At first I was trying to avoid using ...
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