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Would the members of an online imageboard (or any community) be able to build a post-apocalytic society upon their reputation?

Youtube, Vine, Twitter, Tumblr, 4chan, Reddit, Stack Overflow, heck, even Github or Slashdot...all these online, primarily social sites have been able to build up not only tremendous communities, but "...
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What efficiencies make a realistic food chain?

I'm trying to design a food chain. For the sake of argument lets say it's based on flying creatures over a particular mountain range. ...
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What would a society of humanoid carnivores be like?

Suppose a species of obligate carnivores had convergently evolved human-level intelligence and body plan. How would this affect their agriculture/food production, and would it lower their maximum ...
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What is the maximum size of a flying creature?

Giant winged beasts such as the Roc and the western dragon feature strongly in mythology. Is there a maximum size on a biological winged flying creature? How would an atmosphere different from Earth'...
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Just how big can I make this dragon?

For over a thousand years, the dreaded dragon Lohebrand has roamed the plains of the east. His breath melts mountains, his shadow blots out the sun, the earth trembles beneath his talons – or so the ...
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How can I figure out the territorial needs for my Werewolves?

There are lots of different creatures that are loosely based on wolves. The most prominent one is probably the Werewolf, a mix of a human and a wolf. But there are also others, such as Dire Wolves or ...
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If a group of wizards is stranded on a small jungle island with deadly tigers, how can they survive a month? [closed]

Tragedy! 10 Novice wizards are stranded on a jungle island, and they need to stay alive until the next tour comes in a month. They know only the most elementary spells, and the waters around them have ...
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A planet wide intelligent plant? [closed]

In my world, there is an organism much like grass except for four things: it can think, it colonizes every surface on its home world, it has the option to perform chemosynthesis, and its parts can ...
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Minimum land to support six person [closed]

What is the minimum land (island) required to support 6 adults (3 male and 3 female) and enough animals for them. The island is in the middle of ocean. They have good understanding of health and ...
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What keystone species would be necessary to create a sustainable ecosystem on a barren planet? [closed]

In my world humans have found a barren planet that is capable of hosting life. What species do they send down to establish a sustainable ecosystem? Just a few or thousands? How many species of plants ...
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