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How big could aquatic monsters get? [duplicate]

The worldbuilder's double-sucker-punch: the cubed-square law and atmospheric hypoxia. They suck because now you can't (realistically) have giant metal robots or terrestrial monsters the size of ...
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What is the upper size limit on aquatic creatures? [duplicate]

I'm developing a planet populated by giant sea creatures (think Megalodon, but bigger.) While I know that gravity has an effect on size, the sources I found only made reference to land creatures, who ...
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An underwater creature that could take down a boat

Imagine that when Christopher Columbus sailed West in his Carrack to travel around the world to reach India, he had never made it to land, because halfway across the Atlantic Ocean between Europe and ...
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How big could a living thing be?

Simply put is there an upper bound for the largest possible living creature in a scientifically rational world without incorporating anti-gravity, magic, the force, or other physical concepts we are ...
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How large can an Earth species be in 2016 without being discovered?

Preface With all technology discovered prior to this question, on today's planet, there are still some things we have not observed - which may be used to justify introducing new life forms, right here ...
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What is the limiting factor for a plant's growth?

This question is about big trees that can contain an entire city. So generally speaking: What limits a plant's size, anything from a tree to a flowering plant? What environment needs to exist for ...
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How CAN we scale up living creatures to be giant sized?

Piggybacking on this question: Can you simply scale up animals? how CAN we scale up living creatures to be giant sized? What would need to done to make truly giant animals (Dragons, Kong, Godzilla, ...
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Does an earth-like planet have to have Ice Ages?

When you look at the history of earth, the last ice age had major impacts on the flora and fauna of the world as well as biological migration. If I am creating an earth-like world and am developing a ...
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Can I have a giant tortoise?

I am aware of the square-cube law, so what conditions do I need for this to work ? The tortoise will be a similar size to the isle of Wight and will walk around in shallow areas in the ocean. What ...
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How big can the leviathan and kraken really be?

How big can an underwater animal really get before physics get in the way? (I'm sure feeding would likely get in the way first, but ignore that!). The Blue Whale is currently the largest animal on ...
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How would a giant marine snake-like creature survive?

I'm trying to think about the anatomy of a snake-like creature that would be maybe 2 or 3 times as long as a blue whale. I would also like for it to be able to lift its head and neck above the water. ...
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Turtle world : landmass edition

We love turtle worlds. We already have a question about turtle planets : How do I prevent my turtle from collapsing under its own gravity? but let's scale it down. I would like to have a waterball ...
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How big can my giant killer-eel grow?

In my fantasy world, Mainspring, the top of the oceans' food chain is the maculatum, a species of giant eel which originated on another plane/dimension. Maculatum reproduce asexually and wthout any ...
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Turtle Island Size and ecology

Disclaimer I've had a look and the other Large Turtle posts seems to be world based or assuming the turtle already exists. Question My question is how large could an island sized turtle reasonably get ...
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Internal Body Heat of Giant Animals. At which point would their size cook them from inside? [closed]

It is my understanding that one of the reasons for why massive lifeforms (as depicted in fiction) aren't possible is the fact that the heat radiated by their body after a certain point would be too ...
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