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Would fantasy giants be possible due to the square-cube law? [duplicate]

I read here about just scaling up creatures and that it wouldn't be a good idea due to the square-cube law. It would increase the weight times 4 but only the bone structure by two. Are giants ...
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Possibility of a world inhabited by giant creatures and plants [duplicate]

Is it possible for such creatures/plants and planet to exist without magic? Assuming the creatures are sapient genetically engineered 30-40 meter tall species of various form: humanoids, snakes, ...
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What if peregrine falcons, albatross, and hummingbirds were all human-sized? [duplicate]

If peregrine falcons, albatross, and hummingbirds were all human-sized, but possessing their current biologies, would each of them still be able to fly as they normally would?
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How could dragons be explained without magic?

Dragons are a grand classic of fantasy. For this question, let's assume we're talking about the following stereotype: hatches from an ostrich-sized egg and can grow to mountain size if nothing limits ...
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How big could a living thing be?

Simply put is there an upper bound for the largest possible living creature in a scientifically rational world without incorporating anti-gravity, magic, the force, or other physical concepts we are ...
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Could mollusks become extremely large?

In a brand baby spanking new world I am building, appropriately named Escargard, punningly named by the AndyD273, mollusks have become the dominant form of life. Resulting in aliens similar to those ...
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How early was the Earth liveable for today's humans?

Say you were to drop a (bunch of) human(s) at some past era of our Earth. I'm assuming they might encounter a few problems such as the composition of the air not being breathable, the water being too ...
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How would I go about permanently increasing a human's speed, strength, and stamina? [closed]

What would be the best way to permanently increase a human's speed, strength, stamina, and durability? I'm looking to create a world in which the majority of humans realize how weak and feeble their ...
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What would be the tallest possible height for humanlike creatures in earthlike conditions?

This is about "giants" inhabiting a fictional earth-like planet somewhere in the Universe (like those in the movie Prometheus, for example). Assuming that all the conditions (temperature, gravity, ...
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How CAN we scale up living creatures to be giant sized?

Piggybacking on this question: Can you simply scale up animals? how CAN we scale up living creatures to be giant sized? What would need to done to make truly giant animals (Dragons, Kong, Godzilla, ...
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Are 'ambiskeletons' viable?

A recurring problem in trying to create large creatures is the square-cube law as it applies to upscaling familiar animals, particularly those with exoskeletons: if you double an animal's size, its ...
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Physical speed of insectoid lifeforms

Would humanoid sized insectoid lifeforms be relatively slow considering that their exoskeleton would have to be rather heavy since it takes more 'armor' to get the same relative protection? Generally ...
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Just how big can I make this dragon?

For over a thousand years, the dreaded dragon Lohebrand has roamed the plains of the east. His breath melts mountains, his shadow blots out the sun, the earth trembles beneath his talons – or so the ...
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What basic principles should I keep in mind when scaling things up and down?

Making things bigger or smaller is common in speculative fiction (giant ants, tiny people, planets bigger than stars, and stars smaller than light bulbs.) What general principles should be kept in ...
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If the gravity was half as strong, how would the enviroment change? [closed]

If the gravity was half as strong, how would the enviroment change? Would all the plants grow differently? What change would there be in flying creatures?
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