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Science to justify fire breathing animals? [duplicate]

How exactly can I justify fire breathing animals? I mean, how would they do it in a scientifically and physically possible way?
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Is this fire-breathing creature possible? [duplicate]

I would like to design a creature, that could defend itself by breathing fire. This creature would look like a little lizard probably evolved to be fire resistant. We could also say that he has ...
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What type of organ would a animal need to breathe fire? [duplicate]

Ok, so I was wondering if an animal ever evolved to the point that it had the capabilities to breathe or shoot fire say up to 300-500 degrees. What would it need to protect itself from its own heat as ...
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Would it be possible to genetically engineer Dragons? [duplicate]

DRAGONS. ARE THEY POSSIBLE? By current genetic engineering..? no. But let's say somehow we got shot 200 years into the future?! Would you think it would be possible scientifically? Defining "...
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Anatomically Correct European Dragon [duplicate]

In the modern period, the European dragon is typically depicted as a huge, fire-breathing, scaly, horned, lizard-like creature; the creature also has leathery, bat-like wings, four legs, and a long, ...
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Is it realistic/plausible to have iron plated scales on an animal? [duplicate]

I've been drafting a fantasy world with dragons, obviously becuase it's a fantasy world. I was thinking about the science behind flying animals and how reptiles and birds are sort of related, yadda ...
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Let's say someone creates a dragon [duplicate]

Would the laws of science allow this being to exist? A four-legged, two-winged dragon (and able to fly, obviously), he doesn't need to breathe fire or anything, just be large (at least the size of a ...
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Why did dragons evolve to be smart?

Before you comment "dragons can't happen", we've been there before. Based on the question linked above, assume dragons are scientifically plausible. You may change what you need about the ...
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My mysterious "ruins" wander around and change on their own, what'd be a rational way for them to do that?

Civilization is fairly young in my setting. Thus, the sheer number of ruined buildings and abandoned structures, found throughout the wilderness, seems strange. The ruins vary a lot: has-seen-better-...
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Is a jet dragon possible?

Are there any known laws of nature, which don't allow the existence of an animal with following characteristics? Can fly to the altitudes of modern airliners (around 10 000 meters or 32808 ft). One ...
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Can you simply scale up animals?

There have been a number of questions focusing on mythical creatures where the logical approach to answering has been to scale up an existing animal. For example dragon's wings can be extrapolated ...
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Plausibility of Floating Whales

Ignoring the plausibility of their evolution and sources of food, could a whale-like creature which internally consists largely of hydrogen bladders/gasbags realistically stay aloft? If these ...
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How can we have dragon-sized butterflies?

I'm writing a species of dragon-sized butterflies¹ as flying mounts into a low-magic fantasy setting², and would like to know if these creatures have to be imbued with magic, or if they could just be ...
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Can a dragon's fire breath be liquid based?

Dragons commonly breathe fire. They can do so over considerable distances, often many times their body length. But this needs to be powered somehow, by a substance that the dragon can generate on its ...
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Are dragons cold or warm blooded?

My world is science-based with an earth-like biology. The dragons fly when they're young and then grow too heavy and can only glide if at all. They breathe fire by expelling gas and igniting it. They ...
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