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How do Mermaids Create Fire? [duplicate]

Fire is useful. It generates heat to warm your house or cook your food, or to lights the fuses of your bombs. It's also handy if you can start a fire underwater and take it to the surface, so you can ...
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Could a moon of Epsilon Eridani b Have Surface Oceans of Liquid Water?

Specifically, the gas giant Epsilon Eridani b, and a moon that has a mass of ≥0.25 Me. If there's no feasible way the moon could have oceans at a distance of 3.52 AU from a star that emits 0.34 times ...
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How can primitive human species create an underwater civilization and adapt to their marine environment?

Hopefully this isn't two separate questions - I do feel like they are interconnected enough that they can be counted as one. I'm wondering if it would be possible for primitive human ancestors. Let's ...
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Underwater technology? [duplicate]

How would aquatic aliens create technology? ( Think late 90's style, and by that, I mean: Phones, metallurgy, electricity, public transportation (think trains), books (and ink that would not just ...
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A world where underwater fire is possible [closed]

We perceive water as a fire extinguisher, based on observations related to the atmospheric conditions on our planet. However, Let's see if we can circumvent this limitation. Actually, water ...
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What alternatives for fire can an aquatic sentient species use?

Since fire doesn't burn under water aquatic alien sophonts will use alternative technologies. The question is, which alternatives to fire can they use? I am interested in all aspects of fire, (heat, ...
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Mermaid Technology [duplicate]

I'm tinkering around with an idea based on a mermaid civilization unbeknownst to humanity. The problem is, I'd rather write this with a better knowledge of what's scientifically possible, as opposed ...
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How do underwater societies develop mining?

You have an underwater civilisation, be they merpeople, octopus people, partially evolved humans or not. One thing that is always considered as a necessity in the development of any society is mining. ...
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How could an underwater civilization develop electricity?

Electricity pervades our daily lives, and makes possible a lot of technological achievements. Harnessing it helps the development of any civilization. The thing is, water - especially sea water - is a ...
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Sapient aquatic species substituting geothermal vents for fire

In a question I saw on here a while back, somebody said that the development of a sapient, technologically progressing species requires fire, and thus such a phenomenon could not occur under water. ...
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