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Is there a credible way a shapeshifter could gain/lose body mass when changing forms?

Shapeshifters are creatures which are able to, based on will or some sort of external stimuli, change between different forms while still remaining the same individual. Sometimes they retain the same ...
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Real life explanation of inheritance of werewolves' curse

Let us imagine later medieval society, very close to our 15 century society. This society struggled with Great Plague. The legends say, that they signed a pact with some supernatural forces, and the ...
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How does the full moon effect the human body? (CONTEXT: Possible causes for werewolf transformations) [closed]

This question doesn't concern how it might be possible for a human to take on werewolf form. I'm asking about what impact the lunar cycle has on a human body and any other possible ideas of what might ...
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Preparation for Lycanthropic Transformation

So, I'd love to have werewolves in the world I'm building, but as it's a sci-fi setting I don't really want them to be magical. I can stomach some pseudoscience, but I want the process to be as ...
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Does a human-animal transformation also transform DNA?

If a human were cursed with the need to transform into a specific animal (i.e. a canine), would his DNA change after the transformation? I would appreciate help in answering this question. This is ...
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Using only molecules found in humans: How close can I get to creating a wolf?

There are many theories about how teleportation could work (warning: tvtropes). One of them is that the body is completely disassembled on a molecular level and reassembled at the target destination. ...
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Is it possible for something like a werewolf to exist? [closed]

The most impressive thing to me about how werewolves are used in fiction, is their ability to transform humans into other werewolves with their bites. Aside from the full moon myth, could it be ...
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What would a anatomically correct bipedal wolf look like? [duplicate]

In the movie Kung Fu Panda 2, we see the main villain Lord Shen having several bipedal wolves as his soldiers. I was wondering if we to engineer an anatomically correct bipedal wolf species, what ...
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Hard Sci-Fi Werewolf

How possible is the following scenario for a hard sci-fi werewolf? Specifications: Evolved, not infected. Natural-born this way. If an animal can serve up the required capabilities, please mention ...
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How could an animal grow hair overnight?

I am trying to create scientifically accurate werewolves. Of course, werewolves are not really possible, but I am trying to make mine as believable as possible. How could they quickly grow hair/fur in ...
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