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Explaining Stealthy Space Warfare [duplicate]

In my universe, I want Stealth in Space to be a thing, along with Space Fighters. I’m quite happy with the majority being autonomous, but I still want the occasional human for drama. Whilst I have ...
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Ugh, I'm stuck in an orbital spaceport. But why?

This is, for the record, the same universe as in Is space piracy orbitally practical? and How can I prevent Kessler Syndrome among space stations?. In my world, circa 2100, space stations orbiting ...
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How do I make a space battle both realistic, with physics in play such as no sound and weird motion, but also very epic and intense still?

I always wondered what it would look like for a Sci-Fi battle in space to occur if it were a bit more realistic. I don't plan to use any space fighters or anything like that, just big capital ships ...
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How would someone hide an asteroid in the void of space so only they could find it?

My story opens with an old man who arrives at his "personal" asteroid somewhere out in space. When he arrives, everything is powered down and he has to bring systems online before he can take his suit ...
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Is space piracy orbitally practical?

I'm considering a story set about fifty years (2065) in the future. It takes a rather optimistic view; space exploration has led to colonies on the Moon and Mars, as well as several space stations ...
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Why wouldn't a space fleet use their lasers for a precision strike?

You are the admiral of a fleet of warships in orbit around Saturn (EDIT: the individual ships can be anywhere in the Saturnian system, including into Titan's orbit), tasked with performing a precision ...
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Is there any way to truly hide a spaceship?

Space is two things: empty and (mostly) dark. This makes it really, really hard to hide in it, because to do anything in it, chances are, you'll be shining a big bright light through it. Even if you'...
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Blind spot in the Solar System

An alien spaceship the size of an Empire State Building experiences a technical issues with its cloaking device, their duty technician needs 24 hours to repair and meanwhile the alien wants to avoid ...
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Can a rogue radio signal from the moon or near orbit realistically go unnoticed?

I'd like some fact-checking for a somewhat lively discussion going on over here. Feel free to wander over for details, though they aren't necessarily relevant. (Also, I hope this can serve as a useful ...
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Would we ever find an alien space probe?

Several light-years away, an alien species has just discovered Mars. They deem it a candidate for colonization, so they launch a Voyager-like probe to get a closer look. They have no idea that there's ...
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How best to use a celestial body to hide a space station?

In science fiction secret space stations typically seem to exist inside of a nebula or an asteroid. However it occurs to me that in warfare space stations hidden in nebulae would likely be discovered ...
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Is it possible to blind a spaceship/space warship?

Stealth isn't possible in space, but what if you just shine a laser in their eyes and make a whole lot of noise somewhere else? The situation is this: A shuttle full of pirate marines must dock to a ...
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How would a large invading alien vessel trick us into believing it's a much smaller asteroid?

In my book, Oumuamua was actually a large alien invasion/colony vessel. So, suppose we have an invading ~100 km long alien colony ship flying towards Earth. Suppose also that the aliens are unable to ...
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How can a space "radar" work?

The Question about the blockade of en entire star system makes me wonder: How would, if possible, a space "radar" work? Or how would you scan for Ships further away than your Optical sensors can see....
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Space weaponry?

So in the world I am currently building, I am trying for a fairly technical approach to space combat. Movement is cumbersome and you're strafing more so than performing maneuvers that aren't ...
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