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How many people need to disappear before authorities take notice of the trend? [duplicate]

Due to sensible points made in the comments, I have reworded and clarifed my question. I am trying to setup a world where due to reasons (mystical or alien) people have been going missing with no ...
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What is the minimum human population necessary for a sustainable colony?

How many humans are needed in order to sustain and grow a steady population in a habitable area? Assume resources are adequate and the environment is favorable. To further refine this question, let'...
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Humans as Pets?

Related, and in continuation to The Challenge of Controlling an Advanced AI. At this point in my story, I'm assuming a got-out-of-the-box-AI scenario, where no singleton (a single self-coherent ...
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What are the most salient aspects of a decaying world caused by the disappearance of everyone? [closed]

You are a normie on 2019 Earth and suddenly you can't find anybody. You've searched for a few hours, tried spamming out emails, random phone calls - no response. What would be the most jarring ...
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How could a species survive on just luring in and eating humans?

In a question about mermaids, it was proposed that they might have evolved to look like humans to lure them in and prey on them. How could a creature survive on a diet of nothing but lured-in humans? ...
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How to secretly harvest/farm human beings as a primary food supply?

A group of individuals from a technologically advanced alien race have been found to be intellectual dissidents by their peers and exiled to Earth as a consequence. Earth was selected as the location ...
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How long would it take for people to notice a mass disappearance?

If 5 million people disappeared at the same time globally, assuming an even spread of random disappearances (not focused in any one location) how long would it be before people noticed there had been ...
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How many people are required for a healthy re-population of the Earth (Post-Apocalypse)?

In my particular Earth, much has remained after the human-killing virus, and nature is thriving - even taking over the cities. It's beautiful. But I have separated the healthy populace in orbit ...
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What size of enclosure would be best for a human colony of 72 individuals? [closed]

So, my alien species, called the Collectors, have just abducted 72 humans from Earth, to become the newest collection in their ever growing zoo. These 72 humans are all from every background, race ...
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How many humans can I release into society without getting noticed?

Our civilisation is capable of creating any life form we're finding on alien planets. We "sample" several subjects by abducting them and we study them. But for some advanced species, for example - ...
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How would aliens abduct an entire nation of millions from a planet?

I am looking for as hard science answers as possible, but I am willing to bend some rules for a good answer. Assume they need to move 10 million 100 million people off of a planet what technology ...
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How long can Joe go without liquid water?

I am mad scientist and I captured Average Joe, who is not average only in one remark: He is person not to be missed (I double checked). Otherwise he is healthy male, around 30 years old, with no food ...
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How long will it take to restore genetic diversity if it is reduced drastically in a human population?

I read in this question that the minimum viable population without causing large problems in genetic diversity is about 50. If we have a larger population (say a hundred) and genetic diversity becomes ...
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How to abduct humans from a planet? [closed]

I'm trying to get some of my citizens abducted from a planet and return them later...alive! How do I do it? If the following is excluded: Beaming/teleportation - as it involves killing the ...
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