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How practical and possible is a monomolecular string weapon that can be controlled? [duplicate]

So the monomolecular wire weapon is a kinda popular Rule of cool weapon. However, I'm baffled by how they are sometimes used in fictional works. Most of the time, they are used as a whip (feasible) or ...
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What is the effect of being sliced by an ultra-thin object? [duplicate]

Can you survive being sliced by an object if it is thin enough? The following properties hold for this object: It is composed of a non-toxic, body-temperature material, equivalent in weight to ...
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Plausibility of Larry Niven's "variable sword" [duplicate]

Larry Niven invented a fancy weapon: the Variable Sword which, in essence is a cheese cutting wire on steroids, able to cut through almost anything. In theory this thing is possible, given it's thin ...
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Would a wound from a monomolecular blade instantly heal?

Or, phrased another way, how thick would the blade behind the cutting edge need to be in order to cause significant and lasting damage to a human body? My question can be considered an expansion of ...
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Anatomically Correct Gods

This question may seem like an impossible challenge. What I'm talking about here is a biological explanation for limited (or, for bonus marks, unlimited) form shifting, immortality (at least in age) ...
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Weapon design: a conceivable superheated sword capable of cutting through most things

Nb: This question was posted in sandbox for proposed questions! Backgrounds Design Goals: The weapon should be capable of delivering a powerful impact, but would be super easy to turn. Not to ...
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Can graphene claws cut through steel armor

So take a creature like a werewolf or a Fallout deathclaw. Either through evolution or genetic engineering has claws with a graphene edge instead of keratin. The claws work like a more organic ...
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Building the armored octopus

In this recent question, an irresistible image was provided by Samuel that helped to forge the foundation for his question about a weapon design. He glossed over the aspect of the armored octopus in ...
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Extremely thin material to cut or pierce things

What if a atom-thick stick (made out of howconvenienthium) crosses the earth perfectly "vertically" at sufficient speed? Would it succeed into going through the earth as if (almost) nothing happened? ...
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How to clean-cut my space-borne enemies?

For my own amusement, I was reading through some of the XKCD What-If scenarios. This one in particular sparked an interesting idea: Could a particle accelerator be weaponized to slice an enemy ...
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