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Would going underground into a planet offer protection from a supernova? [duplicate]

I am considering a scenario where people are anticipating the star of their system going supernova, which would be somehow triggered by an advanced, hostile alien race. However, the people cannot ...
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My star will explode as a supernova. What can I do in order to ensure that my planet survives that?

I am posting this in behalf of a friend of mine from a distant world. Here is his message properly translated to English: Hi, Sol3αlings1. My name is $ѬӚᕕƨ⧬௵44ħ$. We are peacefully and we need your ...
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Why might a Death Star laser be red? [closed]

In the distant future, the Earth Federation decided to turn our Moon into a Death Star which has a powerful laser cannon which produces a high energy laser beam capable of obliterating a terrestrial ...
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Earth-like planet orbiting neutron star?

A neutron star is a type of compact star that can result from the gravitational collapse of a massive star after a supernova. Neutron stars are the densest and smallest stars known to exist in the ...
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Could life evolve in the degenerate era of the universe?

Our universe is incredibly young, relative to its total life span. How young? Well, it contains stars. Giant balls of readily fusing hydrogen and helium that give off a pleasant glow, suitable for ...
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What stellar number density would two galaxies have to have for another star to collide with the Sun during a galactic merger?

Note: This sprung from some annoyance I've had with the hard-science tag, and the goal of this question is to attract some really high-quality answers that any question using the tag deserves. An ...
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Is it possible for a planet oddly similar to the ones we have orbiting our sun to make a shield to protect an interstellar space ship?

The situation is bad, human kind have waited to the last minute (literally) with building the huge ship that is supposed to save man kind. The sun goes nova, nothing can stop that but the ship has to ...
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Stable orbit around a magnetar

I'm working on a setting for an RPG, and I'm trying to build my planet so it's unique and interesting, but also semi-plausible. My question is, could you have a planet in stable orbit around a ...
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How would a neutron star affect the habitability of planets orbiting a companion star?

A star system consisting of two stars forms, with one being more massive. As such, the larger star soon exhausts its fuel and ends up as a neutron star. The secondary star has a semi-major axis of 700 ...
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How close to a supernova can a planet retain an atmosphere?

I already read Can a planet survive a supernova? but that just addresses some kind of planet-remnant remaining in orbit. Parameters: Binary system. One component is a Sun-like G-type star with ...
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