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Evolution in space [duplicate]

I'm working on the following premise: outer space, or at least our solar system, is littered with creatures akin to "sea monsters". Is it possible/plausible for a creature to evolve in such a way as ...
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Are non-terrestrial ecologies possible? [duplicate]

I'm working on a story where interplanetary travelers occasionally have to deal with space spore contaminating their ships.  It's a very old form of life, and has spread throughout much of the ...
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Could plants spread their seed to other planets?

Assume a plant was engineered to cope with a wide range of different environments, and to have seeds that were capable of traveling through and surviving both the depths of space and re-entry into ...
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How do I prevent my turtle from collapsing under its own gravity?

Suppose the universe contained a species of planet sized turtles1 that can travers at least interstellar space. How can I explain (without invoking magic) that these turtles are not spherical? If ...
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In Space, how can they hear me scream?

One property of life is communication. In particular sound is very useful due to it's non-directional nature. An alarm call is heard by every member of the pack and warns them immediately of the ...
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Could a space-dwelling creature survive solely off of sunlight?

On Earth, photosynthetic organisms require additional nutrients to survive; in addition to "feeding" off of sunlight, plants respire and absorb water from the ground in order to grow. However, the ...
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How would a massive space creature evolve?

It makes sense to believe life is more likely to evolve on the surface of large objects like planets, moons, and asteroids. However, a common fantasy trope is the massive space creature: some kind of ...
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movement of space animals

Animals on planets are so 20th century - let's herd us some space animals! In this story I have the need to move a herd of pesky space animals. They like Suns for their juicy solar energy and ...
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Could life exist in a circumstellar disk?

I could have sworn that there was a question that covered this, but I suppose I'm misremembering. If anyone finds one, let me know. Back in the early days of the Solar System, things were pretty bad. ...
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Anatomically Correct Quantum Slime

I recently came across a few examples of a "quantum slime" entity, namely from Starfinder and Slime Rancher, that has the ability to make copies of itself via quantum superposition, and then ...
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