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Can you simply scale up animals?

There have been a number of questions focusing on mythical creatures where the logical approach to answering has been to scale up an existing animal. For example dragon's wings can be extrapolated ...
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Is there a maximum size an ocean bound creature could grow to?

Assuming the ocean is deep enough and not overcrowded is there any upper limits to the size a "sea monster" can grow? On land creatures are limited by gravity, they have to be able to generate the ...
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How do I prevent my turtle from collapsing under its own gravity?

Suppose the universe contained a species of planet sized turtles1 that can travers at least interstellar space. How can I explain (without invoking magic) that these turtles are not spherical? If ...
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Living Planet Possible?

Although a question about how large a living thing could be has been asked and answered, would a being such as Mogo from DC's Green Lantern series be possible? Mogo is the size of Earth roughly can ...
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How CAN we scale up living creatures to be giant sized?

Piggybacking on this question: Can you simply scale up animals? how CAN we scale up living creatures to be giant sized? What would need to done to make truly giant animals (Dragons, Kong, Godzilla, ...
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Does an earth-like planet have to have Ice Ages?

When you look at the history of earth, the last ice age had major impacts on the flora and fauna of the world as well as biological migration. If I am creating an earth-like world and am developing a ...
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Mountain sized colossal animal--could it survive, and could it move it's body around?

The question is in the title, but I have bolded the main details to reality-check. I hope that makes it easier to read. Details: I had the idea of a fantasy/sci-fi animal that never stops growing, ...
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How could a Dyson Sphere imitate a natural world?

I'm imagining an impossibly massive, diverse world that could only fit on the inner surface of a Dyson Sphere/Ring or similar megastructure. Would it be possible to design a system such that from the ...
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Feasibility of Space Nets

Space nets are a theoretical space organism designed by Tim B, to quote him: Imagine a life-form shaped like a giant net. It gathers space dust into itself to grow, using light from stars both to ...
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Internal Body Heat of Giant Animals. At which point would their size cook them from inside? [closed]

It is my understanding that one of the reasons for why massive lifeforms (as depicted in fiction) aren't possible is the fact that the heat radiated by their body after a certain point would be too ...
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