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Would we be able to determine if dinosaurs developed intelligence and wiped themselves out? [duplicate]

If a species of dinosaur were to have evolved intelligence and tool use, and had managed to get from there to technology that could wipe out all dinosaurs within 50000 years, would there be any ...
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What trace would an advanced civilisation that flourished on Earth a billion years ago leave? [duplicate]

With the vanishingly few fossils we have of ancient animals, and the forces of Subduction, volcanism, continental drift etc, what would we see today of a civilisation that died out a billion or even 2 ...
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If technology was around millions of years ago, would we know? [duplicate]

Say that billions of years ago, there was an intelligent homo sapien-like species that had advanced technology like that which we have today, and this species went extinct with the dinosaurs. Is it ...
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If dinosaurs had a civilization, how primitive must it have been to leave no trace in the present?

I am thinking of, yes, a simple story with intelligent dinosaurs, but I am not interested (And I sincerely prefer) that they are not sufficiently advanced in my history to be comparable to modern ...
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How long would it take to remove all trace of a civilisation, with malice and intent?

If you look at the history of the earth today, we've got quite a long timeline - about 4.5 billion years. We've got a few hundred years of 'good' historical record, and it gets progressively more ...
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What kinds of remnants might be evidence of a previous civilisation?

The trope of an ancient advanced civilisation that disappeared is as old as the hills, but it does raise an interesting question: what kinds of evidence would suggest that somebody else was here first?...
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Sapience Pulsar - Could Intelligence Come in Waves?

So imagine this scenario: Sapience (which I define as Human-like intelligence or better) is a relatively common occurence once a life-form is on a specific brain-arms-race path like Hominins have ...
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How long can the human civilization traces be detectable?

Suppose human race in its current state disappears at once, every human being, leaving everything the humanity has created. All the other forms of life remain. How long will the civilization traces ...
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Humans get knocked back into the stone age; would archeologists from 10,000 years in the future be able to tell that we existed?

I am inspired by Dr. Robert Schoc's hypothesis that the Great Pyramid and Sphinx date back to a lost civilization from 10,000 BCE. The Question: Suppose an asteroid/mega solar flare/etc. reduced ...
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Could we find a dinosaur civilization in space?

Imagine that humankind finally takes wing and reaches out into the heavens to claim its vast cosmic birthright ... ... only to find that a previous wave of dinosaurs from Earth, who left ~65 million ...
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Could an intelligent civilization have existed on Earth before humans? [duplicate]

And more importantly, how could we not know about it? I remember hearing that most of our man-made monuments and buildings will have completely collapsed in a few thousand years, so is it possible for ...
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How would the relics of extinct human society affect future civilizations?

My story (same world as here) take place in a future Earth between 3 and 5 million years in the future. What kind of artifacts, if any, would civilizations from this era find from the now extinct ...
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Is it possible that we could have built a quantum computer 50,000 years ago? [closed]

We took only ~10,000 years from stone age to quantum computer. The Homo sapiens sapiens was appeared 200,000 years ago. Maybe we could have had a world war that killed almost everyone up to 20 times. ...
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