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How would time travellers convince the scientific community? [duplicate]

As per title. Supposing time travellers are back in this age from the future, how would they convince the scientific community that they really did travel through time? Convincing the common person is ...
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How to convince my parents I am from the future? [duplicate]

Here I am, my today's self transported back to 1981, to the happy and cosy Paris western suburbs of my childhood. I know I will be here for a few hours and the only thing I would like to do is to meet ...
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If time travel is possible in the future, no matter how distant, why haven't they come back to tell us?

In a world where time travel is possible, but has not been invented yet, would travelers from the future come back to prove it exists? Surely, they would bring that technology back in time to let the ...
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How can an average person prepare themselves to verify their future time-traveler self's identity?

I'm just an average person. I'm not a millionaire with thousands of dollars to spare. I don't have any kind of special power. I'm not currently affiliated with anyone working on anything grand. I'm ...
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How to prove you're a time traveller from the (far) past

(Almost like this post but not quite the same - I've seen multiple how to prove you're from the far future but not one how to prove you're from the far past so figured it could be fun to think of a ...
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How can I convince the Internet public at large that I am from the future?

We all know that modern internet forum users, unlike your average social media frequenter, are skeptical and they often dismiss extraordinary claims as fabrications. We all also know that these ...
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Rivers flowing uphill

In this article, scientists are investigating river channels on Earth, Mars, and Titan to see how rivers modify their landscapes. The following quote caught my eye: Rivers are, in a way, topography ...
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When transported suddenly to ancient Persia - how to quickly show that I am from the future?

(This question is quite similar to How do you prove you're from the future?) I am an average person in the year 2016, living in, say, the USA. However I suddenly get transported back in time to ...
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How to prove character is a time traveller in the 16th century? [closed]

A character (person from the 21st century) is going to be sent back to Europe in the late 16th century. The plan is to upon arrival, immediately attempt to contact someone who is both reasonably ...
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How would a person with modern knowledge of chemistry and medicine fare in Ancient times?

You were born in Rome, when the Roman Republic was still in power. Your father is an upper middle class merchant and you are (or will be) the sole inheritor of his wealth. One day, a ...
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How do you prove you've been to the future?

This is the extremely similar to How do you prove you're from the future? with the crucial difference that objects cannot travel with you and you are not actually from the future - you've just ...
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How to convince your past self that you are from the future with limited memories and resources?

Imagine you are a petite, high school girl named Brooklyn. You also happen to be a superhero, and your power is speed. You were on a mission to investigate a suspicious politician with your best ...
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How to prove you're not from the future?

Imagine this situation: One warm night of 1890, you go home from a pub. You pass a creepy house. In the half-open door, you see the outline of a machine. You go in, and open the lights. You see a big ...
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How to know if one-way travel into the past results in a new timeline?

Setting: Modern day Earth, with technology no more advanced that what's foreseeable within the next 30 years. Premise: An impending disaster which will completely obliterate the entire solar system ...
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How would an immortal go about conquering the world? [closed]

Bob Jennings is immortal. His abilities are such: He is completely immune to bodily harm, i.e. bullets bounce off of him, he can't get killed by anything. He does not have to breathe or eat. He is ...
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