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Hard Sci-fi energy shields

I'm making a fairly hard Sci-Fi story, and I was wondering what the most scientifically plausible 'energy shield' (for ships and stations) would be. My world tries to remain true to basic physics, but ...
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Can Cloud Nine be built?

Cloud Nine is the name given by Buckminster Fuller to his proposed tensegrity sphere airborne habitats. The principle is simple and the physics seem to be sound. For a sphere, as its radius is ...
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Could you float a boat on a gas giant?

A futuristic entrepreneur wants to start a cruise line company and needs to build a cruise ship that will not only float on a gas giant, but be habitable throughout a 7 day trip (for the uber-rich of ...
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What are some plausible super materials? [closed]

Background Science fiction is rife with "super materials". Most often the materials are made from elements unknown to Current Era (CE) science. They use names that make us think of elements without ...
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Vacuum airships

Airships fly thanks to their weight. The m3 you occupy should be lighter than the m3 of whatever you want to float around in (bit of a simplification). To achieve this they make a big balloon and fill ...
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Alternative History: If the Hindenburg Incident Never Happened

The Hindenburg Incident was a very famous tragic part of history, much like the Titanic, but what would happen if the famous airship never burned? Would airships continue to be the dominant force of ...
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Feasibility of a Synthetic Buoyancy Bladder, Used in the Air

Many fish have specialized organs called buoyancy bladders which allow them to control their buoyancy - effectively rising or sinking in the water. What if humans adapted this to use in the air? I'm ...
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How to build a "cloud city" in a gas giant?

Another question made me remember this. Consider a sizable base (building, station) in the atmosphere of a gas giant planet. It should hold a staff of a couple hundred, with supplies and scientific ...
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Cheap superconductors - what would consumers notice? [closed]

Both for building my world's future-tech, and as a passing mickey-take at a certain film, my story now contains Unobtanium, a conveniently vague combination of rare ...
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What would change if we had room temperature superconductor now? [closed]

What would be technological impact to our every-day world, if we suddenly have room temperature super conductors ? Specifically, what would be the major areas of change in the immediate future (one ...
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Impracticalities of making a Vacuum Airship [duplicate]

In my world, a scientist and engineer by the name of Guan thinks of the practicality of a vacuum airship transport and possible pitfalls. What major Problems and Practicality issue might exist with ...
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How much energy an active structure would need to be a vacuum balloon?

In this question here there is an answer telling that it would be possible to make a vacuum balloon using superconductors, however, we are nowhere close to a room-temperature superconductor. Assuming ...
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