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How do you assassinate someone who is protected by precognitive people? [duplicate]

The US government is desperate to kill the superhuman rebel leader, but the man is surrounded by "precogs". They can see any attempt on his life before it happens. What plan will the government form ...
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How do you beat an opponent that can read your moves? [duplicate]

How do you beat an opponent in a fight, who can read your mind and therefore knows what you're going to do before you do it? For example, in the video game Metal Gear Solid, an opponent called Psycho ...
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Assassinate a semi-omniscient crime lord

The setting is of 2010. No weird science nor aliens. There's this crime lord who climbed too quickly up the power ladder. He has an uncanny ability to know exactly what everyone within his range (20 ...
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How do you defeat a time-stopping Dark Lord? [closed]

Gentlemen, I am sure you all know why I have gathered you here today. As we all know, the Dark Lord who has appeared on the borders of our beloved realm of Average Magical Medieval Setting commands ...
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How to defeat exact copy of yourself?

Suppose you are fighting exact copy of yourself in perfectly balanced arena. Replica is doing same moves as you do. How would you defeat it ? edit1: Committing suicide 100% defeat for you and clone. ...
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How to Catch a Dream Thief?

My hapless wanderer (I believe we agreed to call her Alice) won the struggle at the Morrow Castle. This next challenge will test her abilities (and ours, as worldbuilders) like never before. The ...
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How would an intelligent forest control and direct its animal minions?

The Wold (Forest) is one vast, interconnected, possibly digital mind. The mind is primarily built of one cloned individual of a single plant species, but there are over a dozen 'helper' sub-minds and ...
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Magic as Luck Control

Note: A fair bit of setting-lore is laid out in the more subtle magic question, so it might be worth paying that a visit, if you haven't already. The sky is dark and gloomy in the swamplands, the ...
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Handling a Dream-Invader Prisoner

Our hapless friend –let us call her Alice – has a prisoner – Bob – and a problem. Here's the situation: for reasons that are too long to detail here, she must bring the ...
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A deadly decadent court of seers. Any ideas on how court intrigue would be altered if every noble and government official could see into the future? [closed]

The fortune tellers take over... I'm supposing an ancient world in which a specific class of magic users, called Gazers, were able to use their powers to massively increase their own wealth (...
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