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How can waste from the body be removed without being expelled from the anus?

Humans are savage creatures. This is indicative in the way they get rid of bodily waste. Squatting over a glorified hole in the ground or aiming their spear tip toward the same hole and hoping for ...
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Anatomically correct "XKCDius lethalissimus"

Inspired by today's XKCD comic How could a creature, momentarily called XKCDius lethalissimus, evolve to have the following features: Be radioactive (intended as more radioactive than the ...
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What Purpose Would a Unicorn's Horn Serve in the Wild?

This famous tapestry shows all the "modernized" traits of a unicorn--basically just a pale-colored horse with a single horn on its head. Of course, single-horned animals do and did exist: The only ...
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What is the most logical way to have my dragon breathe lightning? [closed]

For my story I'm writing, I can't decide how I want my dragon to breathe, or, for lack of a better word, exude lightning. The dragon is rather large; I'd say Game of Thrones size when fully grown. The ...
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Is petrifying vision plausible in an animal?

Note: this question is not a duplicate. The accepted answer to the question "Anatomically correct Medusa" explains the petrifying vision via calcifying toxins spat from the snake hair. This a) wouldn'...
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Is it possible for a terrestrial creature to generate lightning?

Question Context: I've been developing insect-looking bipeds that have evolved on a mostly jungle/ocean planet in addition to small, scattered grasslands. This is justified (from what I've read) by a ...
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Anatomically Correct Pikachu

We all know Pikachu, fuzzy, small rodent, with the ability to discharge electrical energy as an attack. But could Pikachu ever evolve in our world, and how would it do so? What's required: Rodent-...
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Is this genetically enhanced human possible?

Imagine a human which could deliver electrical shocks for example by touching someone. He could shock with different intensities from a harmful shock to knocking out a person. Of course he could ...
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Weapons for Bio-Electric creatures

The Tzzin are a race of reptilian humanoids that have some resemblance to electric eels. They are capable of generating and discharging electric charges through their hands. With their Stone Age ...
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How can we gain control over the four fundamental forces [closed]

I was wondering is there someway for us to control the four fundamental forces or control matter directly. Would we be able to do it biologically or do we have to make some machine of some sorts.